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Minimalist style jewelry. Perfectly simple or simply perfect

August 26, 2021 3 Comments

Minimalist style jewelry. Perfectly simple or simply perfect

If you prefer minimalist style for your accessories, this article is certainly for you. 

There are a lot of rules on how to wear and combine jewelry to look stylish, not overdo, keep style, etc. But there is a simple secret ... Perfection is in simplicity. If you choose minimalist style jewelry, it will be difficult to make a mistake, because how can you make a mistake in perfection?

Our selection of the top 5 minimalist jewelry is in front of you:

- layered rings
- simple layered necklaces
- hoop earrings
- bracelets
- ear studs

Sophistication of Minimalist style jewelry

Minimalist jewelry is easy to combine to accentuate your outfit or just to revive your image! These elegant jewelry pieces can complement each outfit well, regardless of style.

What we really like about chic, minimalist jewelry is the ability to combine gold with silver as well as other metals! You can forget the old rules that you should not combine your gold and silver jewelry, when it comes to minimalist style. Nowadays it is much more tasteful and fashionable to combine different metals and create your own style.

Regardless of whether you have your own style or are still creating it piece by piece, lt's focus on how minimalist designed jewelry can help you to create a particular style.

Layered Bands

Playing with simple rings is fun! Combine you rings on different phalanxes of your fingers! Mix rose gold with silver, hammered metals with smooth finishes, geometric shapes with hearts or waves. In fact, the combination options here are endless!

Personalized Silver Jewelry

Personalized Simple Rings

The best way is to play with different minimalist necklaces at once, with length, forms, textures, colors, to experiment and combine layer by layer! You simply choose chains of different lengths with different pendants and play with what suits you best.

Elegant Necklace

Choker Necklace

Hoop earrings look perfect in every size, of all metals. Regardless of whether you're going to work or a party, minimalist hoop earrings are the best choice. When you play with these earrings, you can emphasize the beauty of your face and neck.
Hoops are not just round or oval. There are several geometrical variations that make it possible to choose a suitable shape for every face!

Modern Hoops


Perfectly simple jewelry

Combine simple bracelets of different widths, different metals or different shades of the same metal.
You can choose a bracelet accent in this combination. This can be an unusual geometric bracelet or an engraved bracelet.

Gold layering band

Studs should definitely be in every jewelry collection. If you have several piercings in your ears, combine cute gold and silver hearts, stars or teardrops. This is the jewelry that gives your everyday style a bright note.

Lovely Studs

Even with minimalist jewelry, it is worth not to overdo. You should not wear all necklaces and bracelets at the same time. First consider the clothes, the overall style and the mood, because that is like a dish. Jewelry is spice. Minimalist jewelry is, as I said, flavored with a delicate, unobtrusive aroma, but also here you can mix in too much.

Simple but stylish jewelry in a beautiful combination - the key to your individual style, guaranteed to complement any outfit!

Please tell us which of these jewelry pieces are favorites in your collection?

3 Responses


August 31, 2019

I got to your shop..and chose some jewelry for me and my friend! Wonderful range of beautiful jewelry!
Love so much! Thank you!


August 06, 2019

I was looking for a gift for my girlfriend when saw your post! Thanks, it really helped.
I wanted to give something personal like a ring.. but I am always afraid of choosing a jewelry piece, cause I can be mistaken with what style she likes.. not understand in those things at all, you know..
But minimalist style is really the one she would appreciate, I guess.. especially with engraving, that is something special!
So thanks a lot!


August 04, 2019

hey! nice to have found your online store. I am fond of minimalist jewelry.
actually, it’s the only jewelry style I wear. so always glad to find new sources for my collection. especially pendants and bracelets of yours are really love! will choose some for sure! thanks!

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