About me

 As you know, my name is Nadin. I’m glad that you’ve come to my site and that you are interested in jewelry. I’ll try to make everything so that you can feel here comfortable and find something interesting. I hope to please you with my work as well as to discuss some topics related to jewelry, modern technology and trends in this area. Genuine leather, sterling silver, stainless steel and gold filled topics related to it – everything can be found on the pages of my site.

At my official site you can also find the links to most shops, where some of you have bought jewelry for men and womens or handmade jewelry supplies made by me. I’d like to tell you a little about myself and our business.

 Do you want to know, what does ‘our’ mean? Everything I create is encouraged by my husband, whom I love very much! I need his help, because the number of customers grows, and so we try to do everything possible to satisfy customers with our products! We make everything together: beginning with the styling of jewelry or jewelry findings and finishing with making a gift packing. We’ve decided to cooperate to make the work, which we both like – to please people and get positive reviews of you!



Custom orders - personalized necklaces with your design!

Personalized Necklaces


Men's accessories - Handmade mens bracelets, cuffs, necklaces

Men's accessories - Handmade Mens Bracelets, Cuffs, Necklaces


All purchases placed on my shop will be presented and gift wrapped in jewelry gift box with nice tied ribbon!

Gift wrapped orders from Nadin


Personalized order - custom engraved sterling silver cuffs for bridal party!

Personalized Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelets


One of my jewelry presentation - customized gold guff bracelet.