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Heartbeat Jewelry Collection - Actual Heartbeat Bracelet - Personalized heartbeat rings - Heart Rhythm Ring

March 21, 2019 2 Comments

Heartbeat Jewelry Collection - Actual Heartbeat Bracelet - Personalized heartbeat rings - Heart Rhythm Ring

Do you prefer really one-of-a-kind jewelry? Do you like to complement your outfits with special and personal jewelry and accessories? Or maybe you are looking for a unique gift? If so, you should surely consider heartbeat jewelry!
What is this? Let's consider 5 types of heartbeat jewelry regarding its different kinds according to the person, style, occasion you choose it for.

1. Heart Rhythm Ring or Necklace
First option is choosing a jewelry piece, such as a Carved Heartbeat Ring, just mimic featuring heartbeating. If you live a heart-centered life, it expands your capacity for love and joy. The Heartbeat jewelry piece may remind you always to come back to the heart's wisdom. Just remember, if your heart beats in a steady rhythm, you come into deep coherence with you in your wholeness. That all gives you a sense of harmony and calm, as well as affects the well-being of people around you.
So when choosing a heartbeat jewelry piece, to mimic the rhythm of a natural heart beat, you celebrate the heart-centered life. This would also be a wonderful gift for someone special, symbolizing heart coherence and awareness to oneself with the power to transform the world around.

Sterling Silver Heart Beat Ring

2. Actual Heartbeat Bracelet
This is the best gift idea for a new mom or a new dad ever! A personalized jewelry piece with Baby sonogram or baby's heartbeat engraved. Is your friend waiting for the biggest wonder in the life - a baby? Celebrate this occasion with a very special gift!
You choose a design of a bracelet you like and order to personalize it with the sonogram, baby's heartbeat. This is a meaningful, touching gift to treasure forever.

Custom EKG Bracelet for Men 

3. Actual Heartbeat Necklace
Heartbeat engraved necklace may become an unforgettable gift for boyfriend or best friend! Tell him, you love it, when your hearts beat in unison, - in such an original way. There are necklace designs with pendants that feature different sides, each of those can be custom engraved. So you may also add a text message, or an engraving of initials, names for a truly special ID piece.
New technologies enable to make a really quality and accurate engraving. You may just send a picture of the heartbeating and get the unique jewelry with the quality engraving of it for heartbeat jewelry collection.

Custom Necklace 

4. Gift for the only one. Heart Rhythm Ring
Ring is a special jewelry piece. This is also an accessory that can always be with a person reminding of someone or something special. Give your loved one such a gift, featuring your heartbeating, saying that your heart beats faster every time you are together. You can also add a secret message inside the ring to make the gift even more romantic.

Custom pulse ring

5. Gift for doctor
Heart Rhythm jewelry also makes a special present for your friend doctor. Do you want to say Thank you to someone who saved your heart or helped you to overcome the illness? This would be an original and meaningful gift to remember!

Doctor Gift

So Heart beating jewelry may become a beautiful symbol in your jewelry collection or make a really unbelievable and unforgettable gift! What idea do you like most?

Heartbeat Jewelry

2 Responses

Filipp T.
Filipp T.

August 20, 2019

wow! Love the ideas much! Heartbeat engraved – that is something I have never thought before as a gift option.
Thanks for the idea! Will check the jewelry you offer!


August 06, 2019

it’s really a great gift idea. I ordered such a bracelet for my husband to our anniversary.
I recorded our wedding song as a sound wave and at the back band side there were some words from it engraved.
He is wearing it all the time.. and so it’s so touching for me to see him wearing this little sigh of our beginning..

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