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Custom EKG Bracelet for Men - Cool Mens Gift Idea

Personalized Heart Beat bracelet, unique gift idea. The message bracelet is designed to wrap the hand twice. It is trendy, and the engraving will make it truly yours. Send me the EKG picture, or heartbeat diagram, or any sound wave picture and get the quality engraving of it! 

→  How does it work:

1. After purchase please send me the picture with Heartbeat / EKG / Soundwave
2. Or Record a Heartbeat on your smartphone.
please see the link below http://mobilestethoscope.com
3. Make a Print Screen of it and send me it after ordering the product.

I may engrave a secret message on the back as well.

- Adjustable 
- Genuine leather
- Best new father, doctor gift
- Two sides engraving (10$ extra)
- Gift wrapping

Customize your order, please!

→ This bracelet is adjustable.
* It adjusts approx. between 6'' and 8'' (15 cm -21 cm) or write me the custom size

Quality Genuine Leather - Dark Brown or Black
Metal - Gold brass/ Stainless Steel / Copper

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