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What Is Gold-Filled Jewelry and How to Take Care of It? vs. Other Gold Jewelry

August 27, 2021 2 Comments

What Is Gold-Filled Jewelry and How to Take Care of It? vs. Other Gold Jewelry

Do you love gold as we do? Its shine can't leave indifferent. 

Gold has always been a symbol of elegance and beauty for both men and women. Are you fond of gold jewelry? When purchasing it, consider various terminology that is commonly used. The most popular terms are solid gold, gold filled jewelry, and gold plated when speaking of gold jewelry. Solid pure gold is the most expensive, still quality gold filled allows to have wonderful gold jewelry cheaper, it's valuable as a great alternative to solid gold. Gold plated metal makes gold jewelry even more affordable.
First let's see the difference.

Gold Jewelry

Solid Gold

Solid gold jewelry is on the top in price and purity. Its value comes from the radiant color, shine, and also because it doesn’t tarnish or fade. You may not believe that, but solid gold is not always the best option when choosing a desired gold accessory. Pure solid gold jewelry is very malleable and soft and so is not recommended for everyday wear.

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So if you are going to choose gold jewelry for everyday wear, you should consider its other types.
Often gold jewelry is crafted as an alloy by mixing gold with other metals to create a stronger metal than pure gold. The alloys are usually cheaper than pure gold as the carat (the measure of the purity of the gold) is lower. So these are even more practical metals for jewelry.

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Gold Filled

When choosing jewelry, a more affordable than solid gold but still beautiful, consider gold filled pieces. Gold filled jewelry is created by pressure bonding a layer of gold to another metal. Though a gold filled jewelry is not that of solid gold, it still has the same desirable properties and look shiny as solid gold.
Gold filled doesn't tarnish, rub off or turn colors. Wearers with sensitive skin to certain metals can wear gold filled and not worry of an allergic reaction. The layer of gold in gold filled pieces varies, still in all cases it's much thicker than regular gold plating (one more category of gold jewelry). Gold filled jewelry can be worn every day without fear of fading or rubbing off for many years.

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Care and Cleaning
Gold-filled does not de-laminate or peel, does not tarnish. But as any other jewelry, this type also needs a proper care. Many owners don't clean gold-filled items at all, saying, it's just not needed. However, if you wear the jewelry that often, from time to time your jewelry may become kind of dirty from everyday wear. You may clean gold-filled using mild soap and water. There is also a special cloth used for cleaning jewelry, it's good to have such one. Even if you wear the jewelry every day, it's good to take it off time to time. If your skin sweats, the wet skin may cause sometimes color changes of the metal. However, this happens rarely, and can be cleaned easily.


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Gold filled features a better quality and a much longer lasting color than plated jewelry.

Gold Plating
Gold Plated jewelry is a good option for those who like gold jewelry but need to stay in a budget. It gives the opportunity to own a trendy necklace or bracelet in gold, still paying less money. Gold plated jewelry is crafted by using electricity or chemicals to bond a very thin layer of gold over another metal. This is a thin layer of gold over a more affordable metal, usually silver or copper.
It fades and tarnishes over time and needs a constant appropriate care.

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What to Buy?

Of course, there is no one and only answer. It depends on your wishes and goals. Solid gold is still number one despite its high price for romantic gifts. e.g. for wedding. Gold filled is also a great option for gift giving and affording jewelry you love. There are also beautiful jewelries in gold plated that look for a million. Just don’t be that much surprised when your most loved gold plated piece you wear every day may lose its shine.

Gold jewelry is an eternal classics, no matter what type of it you prefer!

2 Responses

Carola S.
Carola S.

August 20, 2019

I totally agree. I would rather buy 10 gold filled jewelry things than 1 pure gold. Who matters?
I guess, it’s a prejudice, that only gold jewelry is true and valuable. Come on! The main thing, it looks nice! What else needed?


August 06, 2019

I have gold filled jewelry and wear it for ages, it keeps the original look.
Don’t see any sense of giving extra money for expensive gold jewelry, when you can buy 3 different gold filled things for the same money. So highly recommend : )

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