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True love gifts. Anniversary Gifts by Year: when you celebrate 30th-60th Anniversary

September 05, 2021

True love gifts. Anniversary Gifts by Year: when you celebrate 30th-60th Anniversary

Have you already checked my posts about anniversaries? If not, go ahead! And then come back to this post.

The day you were getting married is one of the most important days in your life, so make it a point to celebrate each year. In 1937 the main Jewellery Association in the United States has created a list of the specific gifts for every anniversary year. This list makes some sense, cause each year is special, different, so it deserves a special gift too. Of course, the rules about gift giving have been invented for commercial purposes. But why not to use them, add your imagination and get wonderful gift ideas. Opposed to the traditional flowers, chocolates or bottle of wine, give something unusual this day, it's once a year only. Make a gift personal! There are many gifts that can be personalized specially for you.

You may prefer to follow the traditional wedding anniversary gift list, but it also has a modern equivalent. Look at both lists and choose what can help you to choose that special gift! In the last posts we've already written about anniversary gift ideas form the 1st till the 30th years. This time we look for the ideas for those who are long together, and this fact certainly deserves a very special present. These are the gifts for him and for her. But if your friends are such a couple celebrating their next anniversary, you may also make a gift for them both! Let the ideas inspire you!

Personalized Gifts for Anniversary


31st wedding anniversary gift ideas.
Theme: Travel/Tourism
1. Spend a day visiting your favorite places in your town or those you’ve never actually been to.
2. Go on your dream vacation!

32nd wedding anniversary.
Theme: Bronze
1. Give a bronze-colored accessory or a jewelry piece.
2. Give a bronze statuette with the message: “Grow old along with me…the best is yet to be.”

Custom bronze necklace

33rd wedding anniversary.
Theme: Iron
1. A wrought-iron holder for pillar candles, or the fireplace to set a romantic mood.
2. Buy him a new set of fine golf clubs.

34th wedding anniversary.
Theme: Food
1. Cook something delicious or take a cooking class together.
2. Order a dinner at a five-star restaurant.

35th wedding anniversary.
Traditional: Coral
1. Prepare a romantic evening with coral napkins and candles.
2. Go for underwater adventures. If you were waiting for a reason to try it, now’s the chance. Visit coral reefs in Hawaii, Mexico, Fiji, Indonesia.

40th wedding anniversary.
Traditional: Ruby
1. Must have for your date here is red wine in ruby glass goblets.
2. Choose a lovely personalized jewelry piece of rubies and rose gold.

Ruby crystal bracelet

45th wedding anniversary.
Traditional: Sapphire
1. Visit a blues club or a concert for a romantic blues mood.
2. Sapphire jewelry is one of the best options of course. Whatever you choose: rings, necklaces, bracelets or cuff links, these gemstones setting should adorn the piece.
3. Vintage dessert bowls or plates in blue color.

Initials Ring with Sapphire Birthstone

50th wedding anniversary.
Traditional: Gold
1. Get a huge bouquet of golden roses, sunflowers, yellow tulips or daffodils!
2. A fine custom jewelry piece. Engrave not names only, but a meaningful quote, some words of love as well as a hidden love message inside the bracelet or ring.

Gold Necklace for Her

Gold Bracelet for Him

55th wedding anniversary.
Theme: Emerald
1. If green is a favorite color, clothing or some home decor in that color would be the right thing.
2. Book a travel to Ireland, “The Emerald Isle.”

60th wedding anniversary.
Traditional: Diamond
1. Buy a silver jewelry piece with a small diamond accent.
2. Stunning pair of diamond earrings for her or a ring with a diamond for him.

These are examples how you can use the anniversary theme for choosing that special gift. You can use the principle every year. Take the theme, look at the ideas and transform the best one into the gift that can really become unforgettable. Celebrate your love as the most precious gift that has been given you both!

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