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Most Popular Personalized Accessory for Men's Gift.
Keychains: the history from ancient times till today

May 14, 2020

Most Popular Personalized Accessory for Men's Gift. <br />Keychains: the history from ancient times till today

"Even though it’s a small item, keychains are one of those things that people always want to see. That keychain may hold the key to your home, and that’s the best piece of marketing I could have."
– Paul Skager, Licensed Realtor with Keller Williams

Keychains these days have become such a familiar thing that few people think about the issue of when the accessory first appeared, and what it originally looked like. We offer you to make a short trip into the past.

When did the first keychain appear?
The information of archaeologists assures us that prototypes of modern keychains appeared in the Middle Ages when every respected and wealthy resident of the city showed his high position in society with the help of such an accessory that usually looked like a long chain on which medallions or coins were strung. The more details there were on the chain, the more significant was the representative of the nobility. Over time, the craftsmen applied individually ordered drawings emblems, as a sign of belonging to a particular family or rank. Wearing such accessories was allowed not only to men but also to women.

By the middle of the XVIII century, this accessory underwent some changes and became just a personal accessory. Merchants and representatives of high society competed among themselves in the uniqueness and beauty of their jewelry and accessory. Keychains were made of gold and silver, encrusted with precious stones, yes..showcasing pure. But the “golden age” of keychains was not long. Very soon, people lost interest to them, and by the beginning of the next century, this accessory ceased to play the role of decoration, and gradually acquired practical or souvenir value.

Modern Keychains. Personalized keyrings

What are roles of the modern key rings?
Of course, there is no scientific classification of this accessory, but according to the functional principle, one can divide the keyrings into:

- Practical. Such keyrings are used mainly for key holding. But nevertheless there offered various designs of the practical accessory in the form of bottle openers, flashlights, laser pointers, etc.

Let's have a look at some samples.

Have a look at the unusual bottle opener keychain. Made of quality metal, the one-of-a-kind accessory can be engraved with any quote you want! Practical and at the same time a very nice accessory.

Custom Bottle Opener Keychain

Here is a personalized gold metal keychain with customized text. A unique musician gift idea.
This custom keychain is crafted in the form of a guitar pick and can be engraved with any text of yours. Add favorite song lyrics or some meaningful words. The piece can be both sides engraved and so will be to a fine gift for a musician or friends who are in love with music.

Musician Gift

ID Tag keychain. This is a Dog Lovers accessory. The keychain is handmade of quality stainless steel. The round charm is hammered and ready to be hand stamped with a phrase, name, phone number, or memorable date of your choice! You may order it for your dog as well as for yourself, for your keys.

Dog tag 

- Promotional. Such keychains are ordered by companies for public relations, as a gift to their employees or partners. It can be a keychain made of wood, metal, plastic, with a logo or company name.

Like this custom leather keychain for men, an engraved keychain with a message. The best combination of high-quality leather and a metal washer makes the key chain just perfect. Personalized with dates, GPS coordinates of places, words, it will become a great gift for men!

GPS Key Chain

Custom keychain with a picture engraved. This personalized key chain is crafted of high-quality leather and metal. The metal plate will be customized with an engraving of a photo you wish, the engraving is quality made and won't change the color.

Unique accessory

One more custom leather keychain for men. The quality leather key chain comes with a metal plate to engrave it with names, GPS coordinates, words or dates you want! Great men's gift idea to any occasion!

Leather keychain

- Personal gift. Here you can find a huge variety of designs, materials, and types. Typically, you can buy key chains made of metals, wood, ceramics, or even textiles in different cities as a memorable gift from the trip. Or order it with a custom engraving. This is a nice reminder of you, cause a keychain is such an accessory that always stays with a person.

Here are the accessories to choose from

Custom keychain, a perfect gift idea for men. It will become totally your accessory when personalized with a special message of yours. A metal bar can be all four sides engraved with any words, numerals, GPS coordinates (latitude longitude) of the places you like etc.

Custom keychain

One-of-a-kind three metal discs key chain. The custom accessory is made of different colors metals. Each one can be customized with a unique message of yours: words, children's names for fathers day, initials, dates etc.

Personalized keyring

You may choose the accessory that will be meant as an inspirational or motivational gift. The personalized accessory, custom keychain for men makes a great gift idea for your friend who has a new car, flat etc. The leather and metal key chain will be personalized with any words you want: something memorable, motivating - up to your choice.

Engraved Gift for him

And again a one-of-a-kind accessory for men, a custom engraved leather and metal keychain. The key chain features a round washer with a lovely idea to be engraved with GPS coordinates of the hometown or a dream place, as well as with any words or dates.

Engraved accessory

Interesting facts about Keychains

Counterbalance Keychains
Today, modern accessories for keys allow you to securely attach the keychain to any item and hide it in your pocket. But the first keyrings appeared much earlier than pockets on clothes, on the contrary, they took sometimes their function. A typical example of the use of pendant jewelry for practical purposes is Japanese netsuke - miniature figurines made of wood, bone, or stone. The traditional clothing of people of the Land of the Rising Sun didn't have pockets, and small items were placed in small leather pouches, as well as in bamboo or wicker caskets. These containers were fixed on the kimono-obi belt, usually made of a silk cord.

In such a complicated way, until the keychain rings were invented, the Japanese kept small items such as keys and wallets safe. A similar method of carrying objects on the belt was used not only by the Japanese, but also by the peoples of Ethiopia, Hungary, and the British Isles. Such figurines were not only accessories but also an exquisite decoration of clothes. By masterfully crafted netsuke figures, it was possible to determine the status of a person and the level of prosperity. Such things, as an alternative to modern accessories, appeared more than 3 millennia ago and have survived to this day as an element of the national culture of Japan.

Keychain as a symbol of success
Keychains appeared in Europe as already was said much later than in the East, in the Middle Ages. They also had a practical value - with the help of decorative pendants they made small but valuable items heavier and decorated clothes. In European trading cities, trinkets became an indispensable attribute of the wardrobe of a prosperous city dweller or merchant - chains, cords were hung on a belt, to which many small items were fastened - pouches, wallets, knives, keys, seals. Also, the belt of many fashionistas of the time was decorated with a variety of trinkets, pendants, which could be made both of wood and of pure gold. Nobles, knights also secured medallions with family emblems and slogans embossed on them, and monks - with relics of saints. Until the end of the 19th century, there were no big changes in the fashion for small pendant jewelry, only small changes appeared.

Trinkets today
Today, decorating clothes with trinkets is no longer as fashionable as 2-3 centuries ago, but still, a trend loved by some young people.
The manufacture of key jewelry has become a real industry in which thousands of companies work, as well as countless individual craftsmen around the world.

Look at some rare examples of very different keychains from how you know them now.

The Celts associated rabbits with good luck, they believed the animal could communicate with spirits of the underworld. So carrying a rabbit’s foot came to be associated with improved fertility.

During World War II, soldiers carried luck tokens around on the battlefield. This shamrock was carved from Connemara marble and had a hole in the top for a cord or chain.

Soldiers carried different luck keychains during World War II. One more example is a pig carved out of Irish bog oak.

The digital age allowed to create an even more innovative keychain’s design. The camera pictured here on the keychain featured a 1.5 inch LCD screen that showed up to 60 images in full color!

This accessory is one of the most popular gift ideas for men! Such a gift is always relevant, especially if custom engraved, personalized for him with a nice note.

"Their purpose is infinite – from decorative pom poms to souvenir bottle openers – our keychains can simply be personal treasures or miniature extensions of our identity."
– Erika Houle, author of The Psychology of Keychains

Do you have a keychain? What was new for you here?

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