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Men's Necklace Styles. How a custom necklace turns to be the best gift for him

October 01, 2021 2 Comments

Men's Necklace Styles. How a custom necklace turns to be the best gift for him

If you are looking for a nice men's necklace or for a cool gift for him, the following article will surely give you some points to take into consideration. 

Men were the first in the history of mankind to wear jewelry. That love for jewelry has remained unchanged, but the purpose of men's accessories and the attitude towards them changed.

According to the role of men's jewelry: there are amulets, identification accessories, and those pointing to the status.
In ancient Egypt, a warrior wore amulets made of semiprecious stones, wide wristbands on his hands, pharaohs had many necklaces made of gold and precious stones. Also, the earrings were popular. In the Rome empire, an earring in the ear was worn by slaves. Jewelry with precious stones could weight to five kilograms at a time.

The Middle Ages brought modesty into the decoration style. Jewelry was worn only by aristocrats and crowned persons. The amount of jewelry has become moderate: a few massive rings, a massive golden chain with a cross on the chest.
In the 18th century, rings, bracelets, chains, buckles, cufflinks - were regular accessories in the wardrobe of every fashionable nobleman. And all that sparkled with precious metals, rubies, diamonds, and cost a fortune.

Modern Jewelry for men

Men's jewelry nowadays makes an accent on- taste and personality instead of status.
The 19th century brought the industrial revolution and rationalism. Among men's jewelry, there were only practical accessories - watches, cufflinks, tie pins, signet rings. They became an indicator of taste then but sometimes were seen as a sign to challenge society.
The beginning of the 21st century proved that history moves in a spiral. Today jewelry maintains new roles, but it is still a sign of good taste and the opportunity to emphasize individuality.

To make the story short, let's look at some examples of modern men's necklaces. What styles do they represent? And what purpose are they good for? Cause it's only for those who don't think, jewelry has just decorative purposes. In fact, it has much more to tell people around.

Statement necklaces.
These are necklaces that attract attention and make a focal point of an image. Look at this bold design! This cool fashionable razor blade pendant necklace can be combined with different chokers for a layered look. Created to add that trendy note to the image!

Razor Blade Necklace

Minimalist style necklaces.

Such a trendy choker is perfect for those who prefer minimalist-style jewelry. Leather cord necklaces are among men's favorites, speaking about everyday go-to jewelry. Leather chokers are accessories that may suit any style well. It's a simple yet distinctive jewelry piece that makes a nice accent in the overall image without showing off.

Men's cord choker


Symbolic necklaces.

Here we will give you a couple of examples, cause the variety of symbols is really great. Here we come to the jewelry type that is also fine for making gifts for men. Symbols bring a special power, they may keep your feeling, wish or protective energy for someone you care for.

This Mezuzah Necklace represents Judaica Kabbalah jewelry.
Kabbalah is an ancient series of mystical teachings. Some of the most well known Kabbalah Symbols are Tree of Life, Hamsa, Star of David.
The tree of Life represents the essence of Kabbalah. It features all 10 sephirot, which are grouped into four realms, the latter represents physical existence, the other three are ethereal creation mysteries.
Hamsa symbol looks like an extended hand. The name literally means ‘five’ and represents the five books of the Torah, as well as is the symbol of peace and healing.
Star of David is the most widely recognized Jewish symbol. It is a symbol of God’s rule over the universe in all six directions (Up, Down, North, South, East, West) and of the duality of human existence: good vs. evil, physical vs. spiritual world etc.

Symbolic Star of David Necklace

Mezuzah is a symbol of protection. The word mezuzoth is actually a blend of the two words Maveth and Zaz, which together mean “Death, remove thyself.” Such a necklace would be an amulet for him. Great gift idea with a special meaning.

Judaica Jewelry

Celtic symbols have always been popular. Jewelry market features many products with signs that carry a certain Celtic element. To understand how to choose an item with the symbols of ancient culture, you need to understand the meanings.
One of the most unusual and interesting secrets lies in the history of the Celts. The great civilization has disappeared, but its heritage has survived to this day - a culture that later became part of the foundation of modern European culture.
It is very difficult for the modern world to restore the whole meaning of Celtic symbols. But the researchers want to understand the secret and are constantly working.

Today we can talk about specific values ​​only by looking at a few samples. They were deciphered thanks to the records left by the ancient authors.
Mysterious triskelion, three legs symbol has the meaning of struggle and human progress. Three bent legs, forming a wheel, as if in constant motion, where the balance is hidden. This unique sign denotes strength, independence, and a constant struggle.

The famous triquetra symbol means triangular. The three petals of the symbol had many meanings, and each interpretation depended on the intentions of a particular person, tribe. The sign symbolizes the main aspects of life: spirit, life and outer space. Tripleness reflects concepts such as: soul, body, mind; the underworld, physical life, and existence after death; god, homeland and tribe.
Celtic knots. In Celtic culture, they played a leading role: a large number of their varieties speak of this. These are symbols of protection against dark forces, and a love symbol keeping together the hearts of two lovers.

Celtic necklace

Celtic runes. It is difficult to overestimate their significance for civilization because they contain huge energy, both creative and destructive. Even today, none of the researchers can dismiss their meaning, because ancient magic is a great mystery.
Celtic necklaces are truly men's accessory that reflects the individuality of the owner.

Nautical symbolic is also popular with men, not only with seamen, of course.
Have a look at this stylish men's necklace with a nautical pendant. A fine leather cord comes with an anchor pendant, that is a symbol associated with hope, stability, and security. The anchor is also often given as a good luck symbol. Isn't it a great gift for men!
One more nautical symbol is a fish. But not only nautical one. The fish sign is the symbol of abundance and faith, it also stands for knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration.

Anchor necklace for men

Fish necklace

Personalized necklaces.

From symbolic jewelry, we move towards custom jewelry. Personalized jewelry comes in a great variety of styles and can be engraved with a message you choose. This is usually a pendant that is customized talking about necklaces.
A necklace can be also personalized with a symbol, but not only. With engraving, you can turn a simple necklace into a really meaningful piece. A name or initials necklace probably wouldn't be a new idea for you. But what about other engraving ideas?

You can choose a minimalist design and order just a meaningful sign to engrave, that will tell everything you want to wish by itself. Look at this cord necklace! The pendant can be both sides custom engraved. This may become a religious necklace, with a cross engraved, or any other symbol you may choose.

Cross necklace for him

There are necklaces with bigger pendants where you may engrave a meaningful quote, a prayer or even a whole poem or a bigger wish of yours. Such a necklace will become an inspiration or motivation gift, beautiful and personal present to treasure.

One more unusual idea to engrave is GPS coordinates (latitude-longitude) of a place. What place? That you choose! This can be a place where you met your loved man, if it's a gift for your boyfriend or husband. Are you looking for the best friend gift? Engrave the coordinates of his dream destination. Or maybe a place where you would love to travel together, visualize your dream in this way!

Coordinates Engraved Gift

Is your special man a musician? What about the necklace with a guitar pick pendant? The guitar fan will certainly appreciate such a gift. In this case, some lyrics of his favorite song, notes or a musician name could be appropriate for engraving.

Guitar Pick Jewelry gift

A necklace for dad? Here is a necklace with a pendant that consists of three discs. Each of the discs can be customized with children's names, some memorable dates, get a truly unique piece! You can add some words of appreciation and gratitude for a really meaningful gift.

Engraved Pendant Necklace

No matter what you choose, pay attention to the materials the necklace is made of. High-quality materials such as genuine leather, sterling silver, stainless steel ensure, the man will enjoy your gift for a long time.

What necklace would you choose? Share with us!

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