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Mens Gift Guide - 4 Personalized things of Men’s Jewelry

August 12, 2022

Mens Gift Guide - 4 Personalized things of Men’s Jewelry

If you want your man to be pleasantly surprised, think about personalized jewelry now.
In our opinion, a special symbol or personal engraving will show your care for his tastes and interests.
What to choose, a customized pendant, religious engraving on the ring, or the names of his kids on the bracelet, read in this article.

Mens personalized jewelry

In the modern world, accessories have lost their symbolism. That’s because all the nations, cultures, and traditions mixed and the borders between countries disappeared, though exist physically. Nowadays people believe in scientific proof of different phenomena in the world and stopped believing the granny’s fairy tales.

However, unfortunately, scientists discovered only 70 % of the Earth and still our planet is full of secrets and surprises. Let us see what symbols, interesting traditions, and superstitions mean and what impact they have on modern jewelry.

Engraved men’s bracelets with symbols:
An infinity symbol or so-called “eight number” is recommended wear for those people who have health problems. In some countries, such symbol as a mascot is given as a gift to the person who got into the hospital for some reason. The relatives have to make such a present to the person for sake of the soonest recovery.

infinity mens bracelet

Other unusual symbols are the sea symbols, like shells, stars, and anchors. Men put on a bracelet as a symbol of fearlessness, masculinity, and strength, which they need in life to solve various issues.
Hammers, anvils, and symbols of everyday life symbolize that men have found their purpose in life and favorite crafts, and in these terms, the bracelet will help them. Another interesting symbolic bracelet is the red braided cuff. On our website, this kind of bracelet is made of leather. There is a popular belief in the history of countries about the magical powers of the red color. In ancient Slavs bracelet made of red thread with a pendant is regarded to be the symbol of family.

Kabbalah fans tied it up to prevent dark energy from penetrating the human heart. The Indians of North America considered that red cuff treated people.

If you are the Christian, Catholic or Jewish, order and engraved bracelet of Bible Blessings, Jewish quotes, they will always remind you that God is with you.

A fascinating alternative for leather bracelet can become Hamsa Cuff Bracelet which intends to protect a man from evil. You’ve probably noticed this symbol on a string bracelet more than once but weren’t interested in its meaning.
The palm is a symbol called Hamsa for Fatima’s hand.

This name came from the legend of a woman’s love for her husband.

"One day, Ali, Fatima’s husband, came home and told her that he wanted to marry a second woman. When Fatima listened to her husband, she prepared food on fire and, embarrassed by the story, dropped a spoon on the floor.
The woman was so oblivious to anything, that she continued to stir the stew with her hand, feeling no pain at all. Ali’s husband, having seen that trouble, realized the power of his wife’s love. He then gave up his second marriage, realizing that no one in the world could love him more than Fatima."

Since then, the hand of this woman has become a symbol that represents the strength of the human spirit, the belief in truth and humility with the imperfections of the surrounding being.

Engraved men’s necklaces and engraved keychains:
The variety of personality jewelry on our website includes necklaces and engraved keychains. It is possible to order a necklace with a Celtic Knot pendant. This symbol was hard to trait in history, but historians suppose it dates back as far as 500 B.C.

The symbol is a loop made from one thread that doesn’t have a start or finish and presents eternity. Different interpretations of eternity include spiral, which reflects the spirit of a person, trinity shows friendship, and knotwork interlace. The last represents our position in the Universe.

Custom Coordinates Longitude or Latitude Pendant Necklace will be the best present for the person who has itchy feet for traveling or a person, who is an avid sailor. The pendants with a whale tail, fish, or an anchor will complete the bracelet set with the same charm.

We’ve mentioned hamsa before writing about bracelets.
Why not choose hamsa in different performances – an open palm with the star of David that strengthens the protection from dark forces and thoughts or the palm with the leaf of clover, which defends a traveler on the road.

Customized men’s rings:
Customized rings are made of dark or sterling silver and can be devoted to a special event, birthday, anniversary, or special date. One of the sweetest gifts is a personalized couple ring with an engraving of the wedding date. There is even an option of personalized text with hidden messages inside of the ring.

engraved mens ring - Sterling Silver band for men

If you are a girlfriend or a wife very valuable gift will be your name or the names of your kids engraved outside the ring. The benefit of engraving outside or inside the ring is that the message will not fade away on any choice of metal – no matter how long you wear the ring on your finger.

An amazing addition is a pinky ring, and it can be combined with the rings on the index finger or thumb.

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