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Chic Necklace - a Must have Accessory: What to choose

February 06, 2018 1 Comment

Chic Necklace - a Must have Accessory: What to choose

Necklace is a perfect accessory for every day. A stylish necklace will add a distinctive touch to your style. Let's have a look at the necklaces and some rules to choose the right one!

Long necklaces.
When choosing a long necklace make sure to consider what to wear it with. Long necklaces complement an elegant outfit perfectly, e.g. a cocktail dress. You may choose a thin delicate chain with a charm for every day. The charm may be with a symbolic meaning and so add an interesting personal note to your image to express your style. Make sure, the jewelry and your outfit match each other in style.

Long Necklace with Pendant

Short necklaces.
They can bring color and shine to your image. Give preference to sophisticated jewelry with small pendants. Massive designs of short necklaces can look too heavy. If you choose a short necklace with a large pendant or a thick chain, make sure that the jewelry is not out of the general style of your image.

A choker is in again! 

Gold Choker

Layering style.
It's a lasting popular jewelry trend. Combine necklaces of different lengths, and even regular necklaces may get a completely new look in this combination. Whether it's an official event or a cocktail party, this solution is suitable for any occasion. For example, three gold chains with small tender pendants will emphasize the tenderness of a romantic style. You may also combine necklaces made of different materials, but make sure that the combination remains harmonious.

Layered necklace

Personalized necklaces.
Choose a pendant necklace to personalize it. Personalized jewelry is the main trend in the jewelry world today. This helps to express the personal style with an engraving: from initials and names to motivation quotes. Such a necklace may give you a new piece of inspiration every day! A personalized necklace also makes a great gift.

Monogram necklace

Beaded necklace.
Necklaces made of beads are universal! Such decorations will suit any clothing: jeans and t-shirt, as well as an elegant dress, etc. A lot of designs and color solutions will help you to choose a necklace for every taste!

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Christine Anrade
Christine Anrade

February 07, 2018

Nice post! and I love your necklaces! The choker is my favorite so far.
Keep creating!

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