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8 Gift Ideas for Your Very Special Man

August 15, 2021 2 Comments

8 Gift Ideas for Your Very Special Man

There are so many gift ideas to choose from, here is one more inspiration piece for you. 

If you are looking for inspiration in order to find a gift for a special man in your life: your loved one, dear friend, for dad or brother, here you will definitely find an idea that could match the taste of your man, find an excellent gift for any occasion!

1. What about DIY? That means to make a gift with your own hands. In fact, such pleasant things are loved not only by women, but also by men. Therefore, choose what you can do with a creative approach and a good mood! Tell him the reasons for your love. Make a box with little notes - words of love, or give him a "certificate of wishes". So, having such a certificate a person can use the fulfillment of desire at any moment. You may also make a jewelry with symbolic pendants. Just pick some pendants, a chain or a cord - and a memorable necklace for him is ready.

Custom necklace for him

Don't you have time for creating things and would better buy one. Than look at the ideas!

2. Vinyl records. This is a good gift not for music fans only, everyone will love the nostalgic sounds of a gramophone. It is a beautiful thing for creating cozy, warm evenings and romantic mood. If your man is a fan of vinyl, then a rare record is a really great idea for a gift!

3. Pullover. Can there be something better than a soft, warm sweater in cold evenings? Of course! But such things are very few. Give him a sweater in his favorite color!

4. A set of traveler "for survival". This is not about extreme, such a set is useful in any hike: a thermos, flashlights, a compass, a blanket, a set of first aid and so on.

5. Board game. In the century of crazy development of the virtual world, table games seem already to become something vintage, but it's also surely a good reason to invite friends for non-virtual communication. If your man is a game passionate, a board game will definitely make him happy.

6. Knife. This is the eternal attribute of every warrior. Is your man a warrior? Don't think that giving a knife is a bad sign. This is a great men's gift.

7. A coffee machine. Is he dependent on delicious coffee? Than the machine will make his day! He will think of you with love making every cup of the wonderful drink!

8. And the best idea ever is to spend an evening with your dearest man only, where you will be alone together, listening to your favorite music or watching your favorite movie. A well-planed pause in a string of noisy days and high rhythm of everyday life is sometimes more valuable than all other gifts!


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Amanda W.
Amanda W.

February 08, 2018

great ideas! thanks for sharing! love your personalized bracelets.

Tori S.
Tori S.

February 07, 2018

Hi! Nice ideas! Love the set of the traveler. The personalized necklace is not the one for my man..but for me!)) Love it! Thanks.

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