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7 Tips to Make Brilliant Mother's Day Gifts

April 06, 2022 1 Comment

7 Tips to Make Brilliant Mother's Day Gifts

Many people like getting gifts that they won’t buy for themselves. Give your dearest people something to bring fun, something special.
Mother’s Day comes on the second Sunday of May. It's a wonderful occasion to give your Mom a gift to show your love, how grateful you are, or just give a present that will bring happy emotions.

New Mom Necklace - Mothers Day Gift

Before you consider concrete ideas, we've chosen some tips that may simplify choosing Mom’s gift.

1. Give Your Time

You may always have not that enough time to spend it with mom. Phone calls can't replace actual time together. The gift of your time may mean: working on teaching her how to run a blog, or learning a foreign language together. This can be a new tradition to have nice dinner out every Saturday or a family get-together. You may spend time to time weekends with mom only. Go shopping, making SPA or just having fun in the favorite cafe. Time is valuable enough to make a good gift.

2. Gift Cards

A gift card is a great solution, if you worry about not getting the right sizes or picking the right book. You may find the idea boring, if the card can only be used at one place. But there are some gift card options that can be used anywhere, in any shop that takes Visa (or a different card company you purchase through). Such a card will be certainly used, while cards for a certain shop may stay unused.

3. Gadgets

Anyone who thinks that gadgets are guys' favorite gift only is mistaken. You mom doesn't need all the newest gadgets, but she’d be happy to get one of those cool toys. If she has a favorite hobby, consider a gadget or tool she’s lacking for her time. Your gift may make your mother's hobby even productive, but in any case she’ll enjoy it.

4. Donation in Your Mother’s Name

Some ladies don't like those sweet gifts: gift baskets, cosmetics or even dresses. Or there are moms that really seem to have everything possible and so it's kind of hard to surprise them. If you ask, you may be directed to her favorite charity. And why not? Consider making a donation to her favorite cause, it's a gift that will bring joy both: you and her. Especially made on her birthday, it will bring the sun light to your heart. A good beginning of your mom's new life year!

5. Share Memories

Find rare family photos, recipes, memorable cards. You may create a memory book, album, writing down favorite family stories and accompanying photographs. Or create a board mixing all the sweet moments you had together. You can also create a visualization board for the future: picturing the wishes of your mom. She will be surprised when sees her wishes visualized like that. Memories or dreams can bring a smile to your mother’s face, it's something that always does.

6. Come Together

Go in with your sisters, cousins, daughters - all the women of your family that would like to make a gift to your mom. It's not always about the biggest, fanciest present. But it may just make more fun preparing a gift in a group, you may get unusual ideas, or prepare a surprise party, all of you will remember long, and the first is your mom!

7. Gift to treasure
Moms are getting sentimental, no matter how old are they. So give her a gift to keep forever. Anything can be hardly better than a jewelry piece, a personalized one. Choose a beautiful bracelet or necklace to personalize it with an inspiration quote, or her children names. You may add a secret message, engraved inside a band or on the back pendant side. You may express your love, gratitude with words, or just send your mom a wish to motivate and give a smile.

Personalized Gifts for Mom

Make gifts that bring joy and nice memories!


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Daniele F.
Daniele F.

August 08, 2019

I found the post to the right time. My mom is celebrating her birthday next month.
I find the ideas beautiful. I am going to organize a party.. but a jewelry piece with the engraving is my favorite now too..
Only what to engrave? hmmm.. Ideas? Help!!!

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