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7 Best Gifts for Dad

October 20, 2017 4 Comments

7 Best Gifts for Dad

Dad's the the dearest person for his daughter, no matter what they say! So, when it comes to get him a present, look for that special one you know he'll love. Here are 7 great ideas for you to choose from!

1. Personalized gift
From beer mugs to pocket knives, it's possible to personalize everything! Put your message on the accessory for the greatest dad ever! This can be a keychain - a thing that is always with him. Personalize it with the touching words to show your love or attention!

 Personalized Key Chain

If your dad is fond of sport, you may personalize his sport tools. Thus you may get golf balls - each with a funny message. You may also choose a unique clock for his table with the quote saying that you appreciate the time you spend with him.

2. Noise-Canceling Headphones
Choose quality noise-canceling headphones — perfect for dads who want to shut out the world and relax a little. A collection of his favorite music could be a nice addition to the gift.

3. Portable Grill
Do you like family picnics? If so this would be a nice gift not for dad only but for the whole family too! Choose a perfect grill for tailgating that folds up and rolls wherever you need it to go.

Gift for Dad

4.Hawaiian Tie
Does your dad have a good sense of humor? You may choose a tie with a funny print. Thus it could be a Hawaiian print with a Hawaiian T-shirt to make a statement, if you know what we mean.

5. Leica Camera
If there is a special occasion for your dad you want to keep in memory, make a symbolic gift for keeping moments. Leica Camera isn't a cheap gift. But it's worth attention cause it provides a great quality and there are a lot of models that are lightweight and great to carry them wherever one is not to miss the moment to remember.

6. Jewelry
Choose a minimalist masculine bracelet or necklace for dad that he can wear every day with the thought of you. This can be a special engraved piece with a secret message for your dad only.

Custom engraved Bracelet

7. Spend an Evening With Him
Sometimes all your dad really wants is just to spend more time with you. He loves you, and an evening for two of you would mean more to him than anything you could buy. Talk to him or just keep quite looking to his eyes and giving him a hug.

What gift would you choose for your dad? Surprise your father with a fine personalized jewelry piece. Show your attitude, when sending an appreciation message. He will be touched, believe me!

4 Responses

Bettie Bonner
Bettie Bonner

December 15, 2019

I love the ideas you mentioned above.
I recently found this site called “Nano Jewelry” they have the best and affordable jewelry collection for your Beaux or Brother, Dude or Dad so I thought I’d share. They are absolutely beautiful. Hopefully, it works for y’all.

Aparna Padte
Aparna Padte

December 06, 2018

Wow!!! Amazing gift ideas. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely think about it.
Last month, on my dad’s birthday, I give him a GoldSilver bracelet and the happiness on his face when he received that bracelet was just great and undefinable.

Gabriela Roberts
Gabriela Roberts

February 13, 2018

Thanks for the post. Lovely ideas. Personalized gifts are my favorites: golf balls as well as a bracelet. Will use one of them next time!

Joanna Federer
Joanna Federer

January 25, 2018

Was just looking for my dad’s gift, when saw your tipps! A grill would be perfect but costs a fortune. But the idea with the bracelet is the one I like much! Personalized things are always a good solution speaking about gifts! Thanks!

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