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10 Jewelry rules we should break more often.
Modern fashionable jewelry for women and men

June 10, 2020 1 Comment

10 Jewelry rules we should break more often.<br />Modern fashionable jewelry for women and men

There are fashion rules that require exceptions. Let's take a look at the rules that don't need to be necessarily kept with both jewelry and accessories, and some of the rules just need to be ignored!

1. 'Do not mix silver and gold'
That's nonsense! If you think that you cannot combine different metals, you are mistaken. Because sometimes it is this step that provides the basis for a beautiful experiment with your style. For example, silver jewelry in combination with rose gold looks simply amazing!

2. 'Better one accessory less than more!'
Coco Chanel advised us: "Before leaving the house, take off one of your accessories". And she was right ... to the time. However, today this rule can be seen in a completely different way. Thanks to the layering trend, there cannot be really enough chains, bracelets, and rings put together. Instead of taking off, it is sometimes better to add one more jewelry piece. How will that layering look? Well, you will like it!

Modern Fashion Jewelry

3. 'Earrings should be perfectly matched to your face'
Have you bought a new pair of earrings? This does not mean that you should wear them as a pair. Today we see more and more bloggers and celebrities wearing large earrings on one ear and small studs or a hoop earring on the other ear. It looks cool and maybe this summer it is exactly what you should definitely try.

4. 'Only classic jewelry for office style'
Not necessarily .. You can make a chic business outfit even more stylish with a few fancy accessories. For example, a turtleneck with a large chain looks great, and large earrings will add some elegant chic to even the simplest outfit.

5. 'Pearls are for older women'
And again no! This prejudice that pearls are grandmother's jewelry, and therefore not for young and stylish women, is already in the past. The only thing that is important, pearl really does not like exaggeration .., you do not need to hang yourself with pearl necklaces from head to toe. The quality of pearls is another important point. Pearl jewelry goes well with gold rings, watches, etc.

Pearl jewelry

6. 'All jewelry pieces should make a perfect match together'
To bring dynamics to the image and transform classic outfits with contrasting jewelry you should break the rule! Although it is true that combining at first glance incongruous jewelry successfully is much more difficult than just put matching accessories together. But if you succeed .. then you will like it!

7. 'Choose only expensive jewelry'
I tell you directly: it should not. It is quite enough if you have one or two expensive, branded jewelry that you can easily combine with other less expensive accessories. Today it is quite easy to find quality jewelry at a reasonable price, you do not always need to pay a fortune to look stylish.

8. 'No big watch if you have narrow wrists'
Women with very narrow arms and wrists often do not dare to wear large watches. If you flip through fashion blogs, you will not only see that everyone is breaking the rule now but also .. you will like it ; )

9. 'Always follow fashion trends'
Fashion trends often encourage us to buy exactly what is relevant in the fashion world now. But when it comes to jewelry, it is especially important to buy only those jewelry and accessories that really fit you. No matter what others wear, choose what you like. The main thing is that you feel comfortable with what you wear. Choose jewelry carefully and you don’t have to change it every season, blindly following the fashion.

10. 'You should always take off jewelry at night'
Are you convinced that you need to remove the rings while washing hands or take off bracelets at night? Well, that is also not necessary. High-quality jewelry - with the exception of costume jewelry - will usually be totally fine by hand washing and showering. So it’s not necessary to spend half an hour to take off and then put on your fashionable bracelet again.

Do you prefer to follow the rules or beautifully break them?

Let's have a look at the fine modern jewelry in a minimalist style. You can choose such jewelry without any doubts.
It will look great and match your overall style in any case, cause its discreet look adds just that shiny yet not bold touch the style needs.

Modern Jewelry for Women

Here you can pick up some fashionable pieces for yourself and to make beautiful gifts to any occasions!

Have a look at the delicate necklaces.

Here is a romantic personalized initial necklace, a fine gift idea. A gold chain comes with a gold rectangular bar pendant, ready to be engraved with your initials and the initials of your loved people: husband, mom, or children's initials. I may engrave up to 5-6 letters on each of the pendant sides.

Delicate gold necklace, lovely feather charm. A beautiful jewelry piece with a feather standing for truth, speed, and lightness. A beautiful gift for her to any occasion.

Lovely Necklaces

Sparkling flower choker in minimalist style! Crafted in precious 14K rose gold-filled, this luxe look is created with tiny charm. The flower adds that romantic touch to the design. Perfect for any outfit! Wear it as a single choker or combine with different necklaces for a fashionable layered look! Choose the plumeria flower necklace to make her a lovely Birthday or Christmas gift she will surely love!

Shiny necklace, bird pendant necklace. Seagull necklace to make a perfect symbolic gift. This quality necklace is handcrafted of sterling silver. The seagull is a symbol. Many cultures associate the seagull with freedom. The book by Richard Bach called "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" is a modern cultural legend that reinforces the essence of freedom the seagull is known for.
Nice symbolic jewelry piece for you or to make a nice gift!

Beautiful, gorgeous necklace with opal. A thin sterling silver chain comes with a bead pendant - an opal stone. It represents a fiery spirit, creative personality. The stone is believed to bring creative energy to the wearer. This would be a wonderful gift to any occasion!

Opal necklace

Fine earrings to complement any look are a must-have of every collection!

Look at the geometric style decagon shaped hoop earrings handmade of sterling silver and hammered for shine. Elegant handmade jewelry to make a statement.

Wonderful Earrings for your everyday style. Small elegant earrings for women. Choose the oval earrings in one of the high-quality metals: Rose, Yellow Gold Filled or Sterling Silver. Great to wear them throughout the day and feel comfy. Nice for office style clothes, as they come in a paper clips shape. Must have for your collection of everyday earrings.

Minimalist Earrings

If you want a jewelry piece with a unique touch, choose personalized jewelry with a custom engraving!

Skinny cuff bracelet in minimalist style, custom quote engraved cuff for women. Gorgeous personalized gift idea.
This charming sterling silver bracelet will add that fresh note to her style. It is personalized with the name or saying you choose. This can become a fine inspiration piece for your sister to make a birthday gift. Or add a hidden message with words of love inside the cuff to make a romantic gift!

Custom cuff

Cool Jewelry for Men in minimalist Style

Here are some fine rings for men.

Pinky Ring for Men. Birthday gift for men, fine accessory for him. Cool signet ring with a bold black Onyx gemstone. The ring is crafted of black stainless steel for the perfect match with the gemstone. A stylish accessory for him!

Give him the measuring tape ring as a symbol that everything in life has its value measure. Fine sterling silver ring for men, inside custom engraved. The ruler ring represents a handsome sophistication of sterling silver. The band ring features a cool engraving and can be also engraved with a secret message inside. The ring is adjustable. Be sure, it will fit well.

The custom sterling silver ring engraved with a motivation quote. Christian Ring for men and women. High-quality sterling silver ring with a custom motivation quote engraved. On the pictures, you can see the ring engraved with Isaiah 40:31 Bible verse.
This may become a Promise Ring or a gift to remember to any occasion. Suitable both for men and women, it's an adjustable band, for a perfect fit!

Rings for men

Stylish biker ring, sterling silver signet ring for men. Meaningful ring for him! The big ring is crafted of sterling silver. The design features a skull. The skull is often used in biker culture as long as there have been bikers. It is often used as a symbol of nonconformity, free-thinking, and rebelliousness. Perfect men's ring, regardless of wear and accessories style. Its adjustable size is one more advantage to choose it!

Consider also stylish earrings for men.

Single earring for guys, Crescent earring for men. Best accessories to make him the best gift! The single hoop earring made of oxidized sterling silver comes with a half-moon dangle charm. Hypoallergenic, lightweight, it's perfect for everyday wear.
The Crescent charm earring would also be the finest symbolic gift for boyfriend, brother, or your best friend! The moon symbolizes mystery, feelings, instinct, power, and change. Enjoy choosing meaningful gifts with high-quality jewelry!

Single Huggies cross earring handmade of the finest shiny gold filled. Great to any style and any wear, the hoop will make a fashion statement. It's easy to close it and comfy to wear!

Men's earrings

Stylish single earring for men, a skull punk earring. A black hoop is complemented with a skull pendant. This is a symbol of creation, time, and power. Perfect symbolic accessory for men! Also great for girls who like the gothic or punk style.

Single gold earring for men. The fine earring is made of quality gold filled. Minimalist style earring for men, lightweight, and very comfy that comes to any clothes perfect.

Personalized jewelry for him is the thing that makes a statement!
Crafted in minimalist style, the silver bracelet matches any taste. A great personal gift for a boyfriend or husband!
Engraved bracelets are the top gift option to any occasion. This band is crafted of high-quality sterling silver. What speaks loud is the custom engraving. Engrave any text you wish to make a nice gift for him! Send your loved man a hidden message, inside engraved!

Custom Bracelet for him

Choose elegant and stylish jewelry and you will never get mistaken with the wholeness of your style!

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