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10 Great Christmas Gifts for Husbands

October 10, 2021 1 Comment

10 Great Christmas Gifts for Husbands

Do you like choosing gifts? Or do you prefer getting them? 

Christmas is coming and it's the high time to choose the best presents for your dearest and nearest. Here are gift ideas for your husband.

1. Everyone is taking selfies on phones. A retro camera is now looks like something special. Give him a retro-looking camera Instax Neo Classic to take a Polaroid. Thus he can catch the moments and get the photos immediately. Everyone has thousand digital photos and few print them. But printed ones give that very special feeling the photos are meant to be for.

2. Personalized cuff links. This is an accessory that can make his style unique. Add a personal note to his image with initials, monogram engraved cuff links. Personalized accessories always give a special touch.

3. Warm Socks. Choose a set of funny Christmas socks with a comfy feel.

4. Limited edition Playing Cards. Choose a special set of playing cards. Poker set is one more option. Choose an one-of-a-kind set with uniquely made cards.

5. Cocktail shaker. Shake it up! Does he have a refined taste in cocktails? If so, this would be the best give for him!

6. Travel Coffee and Tea Press. Such a travel mug is not for coffee lovers only. It's a practical and necessary thing in every travelling!

7. Bow Tie. One more accessory to make his style stand in the crowd! This accessory is in style again. You may choose not a regular tie but an unusual one, e.g. a handcrafted feather one.

8. Radio Turntable. Unbelievable gift for music lovers. Choose a vintage inspired radio, turntable speaker. It will fill your home with new atmosphere.

9. Sauce Kit. Is he a sauce lover? Than a kit of delicious sauces is the best gift ever.

10. Exclusive Bro Basket. Combine such a basket by yourself - with small things every guy loves: cigars, chocolate, liquor and glasses for it. You know your husband's preferences best. Pick most of them at one basket.

Make your good choice!

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Kira M.
Kira M.

January 19, 2018

I’d like to thank you for the ideas! I chose one of them! Actually I chose cuff links for my friend directly in your shop! The personalizing idea works great!

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