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Sterling Silver Whale Tail Earring for Men

Modern jewelry for men, one earring in nautical style for modern vikinger. Fine pendant hoop earring.

This is a must have for the men who love the sea. The earring is crafted of solid sterling silver. The pendant features a whale tail. This makes the design meaningful. Whale symbolism includes wisdom, spiritual awareness, good luck and long lasting love.
Beautiful symbolic gift for him to any occasion!

- High quality guaranteed
- Silver or oxidized hoop finish available
- One earring
- Men's fashion
- Whale symbolic
- Gift for him
- Gift wrapping

Oxidized 925 Sterling Silver or not
Diameter - 12mm
Solid Sterling Silver Earring

Quantity - One Earring

Find the best gifts for early boyfriends right now! This pendant necklace is a cool gift he will never forget!

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