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Single Black Hoop Earring with Cross for Men

Unique single earring for men, a cross pendant earring. It is made of sterling silver and oxidized for the rustic look. The quality earring will keep the dark color and will never change its original look.

- Cross symbol
- Mens Jewelry
- Black pendant earring
- Symbolic jewelry
- Top quality guaranteed
- Gift packing


Oxidized 925 Sterling Silver
Hoop diameter - 10mm, 12mm or 15mm
Cross - 1 1/5 inch (30 mm)

Hypoallergenic Earrings!
Quantity - One Earring


About men earrings

According to myths and legends, warriors wore earrings as a symbol of devotion to the tribe. The earring in the ear of a man of some nations meant that he was the only successor.

In Egypt aristocrats, powerful and rich people only wore earrings. Legendary Cossacks wore steel earrings. When an earring was in the left ear, this meant that the Cossack was the only son in the family, worn in the right ear earring pointed that the man was the youngest son, and earrings in both ears stood for the last man in the family.

However, the attractive role of the accessory played its own role in all the times. And while some people consider the earrings to be a feminine jewelry today, actually they have always been seen as a truly masculine accessory. Many girls have been becoming mad of men with earrings, as it has been a symbol of a confident man earlier and now gains the meaning again.


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Tom G.
Just wanted to Thank you for my earring – it is exquisite!! Thank you xxx

California, USA