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Mens Hoop Earrings - Sterling Silver Mens Earrings

Perfect for everyday wear! They're 10mm, 12mm and 15mm in diameter and also great for additional piercing! Are you looking for a nice gift for your boyfriend? You can't find anything better than the modern little hoops! It's a possibility to make a unique gift, as each pair of the earrings is one-of-a-kind due to the handmade nature.

925 Sterling Silver , Oxidized Silver or Gold Filled
Diameter 12mm , also available 10mm and 15mm
Quantity - 1 pair ( 2 pieces)
Thickness 1.9mm


Selecting the Ideal Size:

12mm: This is the standard and widely favored size, ideal for first hole (initial piercings).
10mm: A smaller option for those seeking a close-to-earlobe earring fit.
15mm: Opt for this larger size to explore creative styling possibilities. You can wear them as is for a minimalist look or customize with charms and dangles.
8mm: Perfect for multiple earlobe piercings, this smaller size offers a delicate and subtle aesthetic.

About mens earrings

If you want to express your feelings, your style, choose a men's earring to complement the image. Many men agree, that the accessory helps to look beautiful and sexy,or just to add an interesting and unusual notes to the style!

Our online shop offers you a big variety of options for your daily image. A note for girls: here is the chance to choose the best accessory for your loved man. Different earrings are offered by me, but all of them are made in modern, masculine minimalist style.

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 mens hoops 2020-2021 - Earrings for men



Q. Hi!! I’m interested in your silver hoops for men. I think I want 8mm. But do they come as a pair or only a single?

A. Thank you for your email,
Yes, they come in pair ( 2 pieces)
You can choose the size

Also you can find more review about these earrings on my Etsy store

Mens hoop earrings by Nadin Art Design

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