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Custom Sterling Silver Yin Yang Ring - Personalized Taijitu Jewelry

This beautiful silver yin yang ring is a one of king piece of jewelry for anyone looking for a unique reminder of balance and harmony in their life. The dual elements of Yin and Yang are thoughtfully represented in the design of the band, with the Yin being a silver crescent moon and the Yang a black half.

The ring also features a inside engraving and an intricate design that is sure to attract attention. This ring is ideal for those looking to express their individual style and beliefs. The symbolism of the Yin Yang ring is timeless and represents the harmony of opposites halves.

The symbol "Yin & Yang" are complementary forces that together show a unified whole. The Yin is associated with the women, and is associated with the moon, while the Yang is associated with the men, and is associated with the sun. The combination of the 2 halves a perfect balance of energies, as one never exists without the other.

- Adjustable
- Customized up to 5 words, date, symbols
- Edges Hammered and polished
- Gift wrapped

Sterling Silver 925
Width - 8 mm
Size - Adjustable!

Size is adjustable: You can bend the ring a little to open and close it on your finger and it will stay in the shape you need

Please note me your wishes for engraving at the "Special instructions for seller" or send me a picture with the message to engrave during the check out.

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