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Commemorative Ring - Promise Gift

Redefine stylish sophistication with this custom words personalized ring. The cutest gift to treasure!

Handmade of high quality sterling silver, the band ring is ready to be engraved on the both sides. Fine inspirational gift with a motivative quote from you.
Do you want to send him a gift of your love and care? Engrave a meaningful quote, a promise, make a commemorative present. Add a hidden message inside the ring to make it even more personal.
Beautiful birthday gift for your special one!

- Adjustable size
- Handmade band
- Custom message ring
- Engraved up to 12-14 words on each side
- Personalized gift
- Two sides engravable
- Unisex
- Commemorative band
- Gift wrapping

Width - 8mm (3/8 inch)
Metal - 925 Sterling Silver
Font - Typewriting / Script 
Hammered and Polished

- Women’s average ring size: 7 (adjustable 4 through 9)
- Men’s average ring size: 10 (adjustable 7 through 12)

Size is adjustable:
You can adjust the ring to your finger size if you bend it a little to open and close it on your finger. The ring will keep the size you need

Please note me your wishes for engraving .

Take a look our exquisite personalized poesy rings. Crafted with love and care, these timeless symbols of affection feature customizable engravings, making each ring a unique expression of your love story. Discover the perfect, heartfelt gift today.


Q. I got this order a few years ago, my sister just lost the ring and she wants to replace it with exactly how I ordered it. Do you still have that information?

A. Ok, yes, i have all the info, you can place the order

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Customer Reviews

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Review for inspirational ring

I would like to provide some feedback on a product that I had the pleasure of receiving as a promise gift - a commemorative ring made of Sterling silver with an adjustable size and an open band, which also features a long text engraving.

Firstly, I would like to express my appreciation for the quality of the materials used in the ring's construction. The Sterling silver provides a lustrous and elegant finish that perfectly complements the meaningful engraving on the band. The adjustable size and open band design also ensure a comfortable fit for any finger.

The long text engraving is a standout feature of this ring. The precision and detail of the engraving are impressive, and it makes the ring truly unique and personal. I appreciate the effort and care that went into creating this special piece.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my experience with this commemorative ring. It is an excellent promise gift that beautifully captures the sentiment of the occasion.

Los Angeles, CA
April 12, 2023