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Angel Wing Earring - Symbolic Gift for Men

Black pendant earring, cool men's accessory. Symbolic gift for him.

This earring consists of a black sterling silver hoop and an angel wing pendant. You can choose it in black finish or shiny gold.
The wing stands for protection, affection, and harmony. Therefore this makes a meaningful gift for him!

- Oxidized sterling silver
- Hypoallergenic earrings for sensitive ears
- Angel wing pendant
- Gothic style
- Symbolic meaning
- Men's accessory

Oxidized 925 Sterling Silver or not or Gold Filled
Diameter - 12mm
Wing - 3/5 inch (15 mm)

Hypoallergenic Earring!
Quantity - One Earring

Write me if you'd like a different pendant (have a look at the pictures)

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Customer Reviews

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feedback for mens earring with black wing

Thank you Nadin,
I purchased 2 earrings for my 2 holes,
the first hoop i asked 10mm and the second is 12mm

Bil, Michigan US

Thank you for angel wing earring for men

Hey Nadin. I bought your Angel Wing Earring in 2018 and I still love it. I wore the earring every single day. I just love him Feathers are my lucky charms and since the angel's wing is full of them, it might bring even more luck :P .

Thank you!