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White Christmas 2020 and New Year 2021: personal Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

December 10, 2020

White Christmas 2020 and New Year 2021: personal Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

Hey! Ready for Christmas and New Year? We are all waiting for the very new year, aren't we? ; )
So if you are still waiting for the right moment to choose gifts, here it is! Use the moment to pick up more wonderful Christmas gift ideas and order the gifts for your nearest and dearest!

Christmas gifts for parents

As long as the children are small, parents don't expect anything and are happy about everything. Usually, in kindergarten or preschool some handmade gifts are made by children and of course, give happiness to dad and mom. But when the children get older, it is no longer that easy, because now the dear parents should, of course, get something really nice for Christmas. In principle, quite ordinary things are also suitable here, such as the popular classics books, CDs or films. After all, parents are only human beings and are therefore happy to receive normal Christmas presents, if you know what we mean.

Nevertheless, it is always a good surprise when parents receive presents carefully chosen specially for them. You can give new family pictures professionally taken by a photographer, create a Christmas photo session for your parents or the whole family.
Depending on the available budget, there is a big choice of vouchers. You may choose a trip! If the parents are already retired, a gift that can be used over the long term can be chosen as well, for example, participation in an interesting training course or workshop.

A nice idea would be to renovate your parents' apartment or house. After all, Christmas is followed by spring, and why shouldn't the spring cleaning be a little more extensive than usual? This can be a great joy, help and relief for parents!

Are you looking for a customized leather bracelet for dad? Here is a lovely wrap bracelet for your daddy!
The bracelet is handmade of high-quality leather in the color you choose: black, gray or brown. A metal piece is polished for shine and can be engraved with a name, a word, or a date. Great gift for him to any occasion!

Gift for Dad

Christmas gifts for husband or boyfriend

Christmas gifts for a beloved one should be of course something very special and not always easy to find. This is especially true if you want a very special gift that underlines the uniqueness of the person.

Of course, there are many gifts of this kind - for example, a photo in a lovely frame, or a calendar with your pictures. However, you shouldn't put yourself under pressure here, there are still universal solutions...like...

Personalized jewelry gifts

Choose fine jewelry with a custom engraving. Such a gift will be truly unique. If you choose a design that will be favored by your man and add an engraving that is sure to touch his heart, this is a win-win option!

Here are lovely ideas for you.

Custom gift for him

Choose the fine men's cuff bracelet that both looks stylish and feels comfortable. Cool bracelet for men!
"You are my love", - send this or any other love message to him with this personalized cuff! The cuff is handcrafted of top quality sterling silver, ready to be both sides engraved. These could become the words to inspire or motivate him, your words inscribed in Old English font! The band looks elegant and features an adjustable size! Perfect for birthday or Christmas gift!

Ring for men

Give him the measuring tape ring as a symbol that everything in life has its value measure. Fine sterling silver ring for men, inside custom engraved.
The ruler ring represents a handsome sophistication of sterling silver. The band ring features a cool engraving and can be also engraved with a secret message inside.
The ring is adjustable. Be sure, it will fit well.

Handpicked items of clothing make also good husband gifts and represent a personal touch - for example, a new sport clothes for daily workouts always remind of your care.

Men are often big children and love toys. Technical gimmicks are therefore always worth recommending as Christmas presents for friends. The emphasis here may well be on the aspect of "play": give your friend or husband something that is just fun and in no way makes sense, for example, a colorful candy vending machine, or something that is not available at every corner.

Christmas presents for the husband can also be really useful: Perhaps there is a dream that your man has been wishing for a long time, but which has always been postponed - possibly for cost reasons? It's always a great surprise when a long-cherished wish is suddenly and unexpectedly fulfilled!

Christmas presents for wife or girlfriend

Christmas gifts for wife or girlfriend are a challenge for many men - after all, the gift should hit the heart of the loved one as much as possible! In order to leave a lasting impression, the selection should therefore be made carefully.

The first thought that comes to mind for many men is buying a special piece of jewelry - actually not a bad approach! High-quality jewelry is a beautiful idea, but we advise you to be sensitive when choosing it: an expensive ring as a Christmas present for your girlfriend could lead to misunderstandings. Of course, nothing speaks against using Christmas Eve as a festive setting for a proposal! If it is a gift for your wife, you may turn a personalized jewelry piece into an inspirational, motivational gift, or just to say once again how much you care!

Here are beautiful ideas for you.

Simple in design, brilliant in its sophisticated style, this crystal band ring makes a stunning anytime gift. This would be the finest engagement ring!
Created in high quality sterling silver, this ring can be personalized as you wish. I may engrave a unique monogram of your initials, a word or names. The ring can be each side engraved, so that you may send a hidden message inside the ring. A shimmering diamond crystal accent adds a hint of subtle sparkle. This can be chosen in the appropriate birthstone color. A thoughtful gift for birthday girl, this charming ring is a piece to treasure.

Christmas Gift for her

Fancy choker necklace, a gold necklace to become your favorite piece. Protective Hamsa jewelry, your best amulet!
The fine necklace is handcrafted of quality 14K gold filled, a metal that always keeps the shine. This choker is designed with a Hamsa pendant. The Hamsa Hand is an ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolizing the Hand of God. It is meant to bring its owner happiness, health, and good fortune.
Wonderful, beautiful gift idea for her, meaningful amulet to keep!

Gold Hamsa choker for women

In any case, the keyword 'romance' is always a good reference point when it comes to suitable Christmas presents for your woman. Everything that expresses love and affection is therefore particularly welcomed.

A hot tip in this context are personalized gifts that are provided with her name or the names of your couple - a charming declaration of love is also in place here. This can be not just jewelry but also a decorative item for the Christmas holidays.

Things that are connected to personal experiences within the relationship always have a special radiance because they prove that the giver has given a lot of thought to the nature of his gift. The joy of it often exceeds the material value of a gift and can strengthen mutual feelings.

Creative handicraft Christmas presents

In kindergarten, it is an important holiday part at Christmas time: making Christmas presents! But not only children, but also adults often choose this way for creating a very special Christmas present for family and friends that you can't just buy in the store.

There are a lot of ideas for this - of course on the Internet, but also in many magazines around Christmas time offering great suggestions for creative handicraft work, even real books are available just with suggestions for interesting gifts.

Sometimes great little works of art are created, which are really admired! An important advantage of self-made Christmas gifts is the possibility to incorporate a lot of individuality and personality.

The days when only cardboard, glitter paper, and glue were used for handicrafts are long gone! Today there is a big variety of materials for ideas of any kind.

Similar to the annual Christmas bakery, making Christmas presents also contributes a lot to the pre-Christmas mood. So this makes not just your loved ones happy, but also you when making your own Christmas presents. Whether with the whole family or alone - making Christmas presents is fun!

Small Christmas presents

Don't you have a big present budget this year? As a compromise, we simply recommend small Christmas gifts, because small ones are better than none. Remember that the gesture counts!

Small Christmas presents do not have to be either expensive or cheap junk. There are great ideas for presents for available prices that still provide joy and delight. A big effect can also be achieved through attractive or unusual packaging.

Sometimes a small gift with the right approach turns into a really unique present - for example, an original key ring with engraving.

Custom keychain

Here is a Custom keychain, an accessory for men. The best idea for anniversary, birthday, graduation gifts for men! The leather keychain comes with a metal plate, hammered, and ready to be engraved with any message you want!

With a bit of Christmas shine and glitter, even a simple chocolate bar becomes a lovable little Christmas present and other souvenirs can also be upgraded accordingly: spice mixes, tea bags, coffee, bottle openers, a pocket knife - just decide on something that can bring joy to a particular person!

Enjoy preparing fine Christmas gifts for your family and friends and share your ideas in the comments!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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