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Very Best Husband Christmas Gifts - Present Traditions Around the World - Personalized Christmas Gifts for men

November 16, 2021

Very Best Husband Christmas Gifts - Present Traditions Around the World - Personalized Christmas Gifts for men

Magic time is coming, can you feel it? I guess, we all need now a sparkle of magic. Already choosing presents? Well well well! Welcome to us!

Christmas is the favorite holiday all around the world, and the main attribute of the holiday is a gift! The custom of giving gifts dates back to ancient times when a baby descended from heaven to earth was given the name Jesus. According to the legend, the magi presented precious gifts to the newborn Jesus - this spoke of their respect and devotion. It was in those immemorial times that the tradition of giving gifts arose. Giving gifts - giving happiness. Truly, you can feel happiness by receiving a gift from your loved one, as well as do something pleasant yourself by giving your dear gifts, thereby expressing love and devotion.

You are a busy person, and you probably do not have time to search for the right gifts even for husband, but there is always the opportunity to ask a loved one directly about his wishes and the need for any thing. Well, if you want to make a surprise, then we prepared some ideas for you.

How to choose a Christmas gift for husband

It is worth remembering the main rule when choosing: gifts are divided into two categories. The first is practical gifts; the second is gifts to remember. However choosing gifts one should be guided by interests, hobbies of the man: sports, outdoor activities, fishing, cars etc.

Whatever your husband loves, a personalized thing can become a gift to remember. Personalization may include his likes as well.
Choose a precious custom jewelry gift for him! A bracelet, necklace or ring with an one-of-a-kind engraving. What engraving to choose? That's it: this depends on what would make him smile! This can be a thoughtful quote. If he is a businessman and adores some successful personalities, you may choose for the engraving a quote of one of them.

Custom Cuff for Husband

This may be an engraving of your children names for a sentimental gift.
Is he fond of music? Hey! Then here is plenty of ideas! You may order a design connected to music theme, as a guitar pick and engrave it with some lyrics of his favorite song. Or make the Christmas gift for him even more special if engraving a sound wave message - a recorded piece of his favorite music.

Music fan Gift

Make it romantic! Choose rings engraved for you both. This may be a heartbeat engraving to show, your hearts beat in unison.

Personalized Rings for Christmas Gift

Custom jewelry makes perfect Christmas gifts to any taste! It's not just original and unique, this speaks loud about your attention and love! Actually words of love, just simple words from your heart is a great engraving idea, for a secret message, for example, inscribed inside the cuff.

 Christmas Custom Jewelry Gift for Men

Let's have a look at other ideas according to the interests of a man. So what would he prefer?

Best Gifts Ideas for Men


If your man is a businessman, successful and leads an office lifestyle, he will appreciate:
Card holder or wallet.
A book about inventions, success rules or a biography of his idol.
Leather-bound notebook.
New gadget.

IT specialist

Unusual flash drive. Nowadays it is impossible to imagine an active computer programmer who does not carry a USB flash drive in his pocket / bag. Giving an ordinary gray bar made of plastic is not that attractive, but today the choice of flash drives is huge.
License key to a good program. Such a gift will please your husband for sure. The main thing is to choose the right program.
Computer chair. Here, even without comment - sitting almost 24 hours a day, of course, is preferable to have a good comfortable chair with an adjustable back and armrests.
A t-shirt with the inscription There is no place like The numbers is the standard IP address used to close network connections. If you try to connect to, you will turn to your computer, that is, you will return “home”. Your IT specialist will certainly appreciate such a gift.

Musician, music fan, dancer

Is he a musician, music fan, dancer or even 3 in 1? Then here are nice gift ideas:
Interactive installation for home light and music show.
Newest headphones.
An album of your favorite band with a unique cover or an original poster.
A ticket to a concert of your favorite band, it is especially cool if the performance takes place somewhere in the city of his dream.
Original autograph of an idol. This is the coolest and most iconic gift for any music lover.
Musical instrument. Piano, guitar, violin, harp ... Perhaps it is you who will fulfill the dream of a loved one.

Sportsman or sports team fan

A thing with the symbols of his favorite team.
Gift certificate for a sports store.
Heart rate monitor.
Tickets for the final game.

Cinema fan

Tickets for the sensational premiere.
Script of his favorite movie or a book it was filmed after.
Retro film camera. Just don’t forget the film to it, otherwise there will be no sense.

If you learn the New Year and Christmas traditions of different countries, it may help not only enrich your own erudition, this is a great way to enrich your own ideas on what to give to loved ones and what holiday scenario for them to come up with so that the holidays become truly unforgettable.

Learn more about the festive customs of Germans, French, Japanese and people of other countries, what is traditionally to give for New Year and Christmas in the families of the Old and New Worlds.

What is traditionally given for New Year and Christmas holidays in different countries of the world

Germany. The Germans love gifts both practical and in a way romantic - like books and travels. Such gifts help to discover new bright sides of the world, receive unforgettable positive emotions. Your “recipe” for a Christmas gift in German is gift editions of fairy tales, novels, poetry collections or, if the budget allows, a holiday weekend in Europe: Paris, Rome, Brussels, Prague, Vienna.

Austria. The national Christmas and New Year tradition is to go to the opera during the holidays. Invitations to the world-famous Vienna Opera are considered the best gift and a sign of special respect for the donee. Also, Austrians like to give family members designer clothes, shoes, bags - expensive things of excellent quality. It is regular as well to leave in the kitchen a list of desired things indicating the brand, size, color and even the address of the store.

United Kingdom. Residents of Misty Albion are famous for their frugality. Even on Christmas and New Year, they prefer to give and receive inexpensive souvenirs and signs of attention: good tea and porcelain tea cups, candles, key rings, beer mugs, sets of sweets. A few small gifts will delight British much more than expensive one.

France. The French, like the British, appreciate small gifts: postcards, calendars, home decoration, toys. It's funny, but in the heart of the cosmetic and perfumery industry in Europe, it is usual to give cosmetics and perfumes only within the family, to present these to someone else is out of unspoken holiday etiquette.

USA. Americans love generous and luxurious gifts: an elite perfume, designer bags, clothes, underwear, expensive cigars and wines are waiting under the Christmas tree or by the fireplace. Gift certificates are also popular. Please note: it is good to give gifts with a check so that the recipient can return them to the store if something is not ok.

Italy. Everything that can be considered part of the Italian Dolce Vita lifestyle (literally meaning “sweet life”) is considered to be an ideal gift for Christmas and New Year in this country. Choose expensive wines, underwear, silk ties and a variety of sweets.

Spain. A gift basket with champagne and nougat is the best gift from a family to a family in sunny Spain. You can borrow from the Spaniards the tradition of eating 12 grapes at midnight on New Year Eve, so that the wishes come true.

Denmark, Finland, Sweden. Northern Europe honors everything connected with light, heat, an active lifestyle (otherwise it is impossible there - you will freeze!). Finns, Swedes and Danes love to give loved ones handmade candles, inexpensive souvenirs, sportswear.

China. In the Middle Kingdom, special attention is paid to the symbolism of gifts. On Christmas and New Year, the Chinese choose paired objects for dear people, meaning the wish of happiness, kindness, family harmony: two tea cups, paired candlesticks, paintings with a symmetrical plot, rugs and other objects.

Japan. Japanese prefer to remain faithful to centuries-old customs, national culture and strict order. In the Land of the Rising Sun. the residents give grocery (with canned goods) and cosmetic (most often with soap). However, young people keep up with the times and prefer to give and receive in response a variety of new gadgets.

India. Hot India is least associated with winter, snow and cold, without which many countries can not imagine Christmas holidays. However, the Indians are happy to celebrate them in their own way - with lush and long garlands of flowers, paper lanterns in houses and on the streets, much sweets for friends and strangers, giving small home-made gifts: talismans of the year, cards.

Whatever you choose, remember, that Christmas is magic time. Add a touch of something magical and just beautiful, even if you live with a very practical man who doesn't believe in wonders. Your husband will for sure appreciate your expression of love more than a super expensive present. Celebrate love and wonder with Christmas gifts!

What is the best Christmas gift for Husband you have ever chosen? Share your ideas!

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