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TOP 7 most unusual gifts in history and our alternative analogs. Most Inspiring Gift Ideas for You

January 03, 2022

TOP 7 most unusual gifts in history and our alternative analogs. Most Inspiring Gift Ideas for You

Is choosing gifts a pleasure or a problem for you? If you are staying again in front of the task "to choose a present", let us give you some ideas for very special cases.

There are many unusual gifts for men and original ones for women. And knowing the preferences and tastes of a person, you can easily pick up useful and practical gifts. But it’s really difficult to choose an original gift that can really surprise.

However, there are such presents that could not only hit your friend but also find their place in history and surprise the whole world.

Gifts that hit the imagination

Gift number 1. Legendary gift
Cleopatra, the legendary queen of Egypt, received a wonderful pink pearl from her beloved Mark Anthony. According to the legend, it was almost like a hand of an adult in size. As a sign of admiration for her beauty, the commander placed the jewel in a glass of wine and said that the queen could throw the pearl into the sea if she did not like it. The ending of the legend is even more poetic than its beginning: under the reaction with wine, the pearl ... dissolved, and the queen drank a glass to the bottom for her eternal love for Anthony.

Our suggestion: Jewelry with pearls
Pearl jewelry is still one of the most favorite women's gifts. Pearls are great for strong and independent women. Such jewelry gives success in business. And this is an additional gift bonus! Pearl is also a birthstone of those born in June. Give her small pearl earrings, this is classic that will be appreciated by any woman. Or choose an elegant pearl necklace, the purest symbol of love.

Pearl Jewelry for Her

Gift No. 2: The most expensive
Not even every billionaire will allow himself to make such a gift. But one man did it. The treasure hunter presented his wife with 3 treasure chests filled with jewels, which he found on a sunken ship.

Our analog:
Gift for a man - Gift Box
What does he like? Poker, football, spirits or cocktails? Good coffee, fine tea, music or maybe golf? Original idea: a wooden box that needs to be opened with a crowbar to get to the contents, which will delight him even more. Fill it with the things he would be happy to get: accessories, snacks, collection wine, music albums, etc.

Gift No. 3: The most romantic
Even the banalest gift can be presented in such a way that you will not forget it until the end of your life. The famous athlete Joe Di Maggio daily gave flowers to the woman he loved - Marilyn Monroe - for 20 years. He continued to send her flowers after their relationship ended (in total 7305 bouquets). And when Merlin died, he carried flowers to her grave.

Gift for her:
Give your loved woman (even if one) flower(s) a day! Make this tradition yours to see her smile!

Gift No. 4: Giving heaven
Scorpion Island
This unusual gift in the form of a huge island with an area exceeding 500 acres was presented by Greek multi-billionaire to his beloved. Romantic Aristotle Onanis dreamed about this paradise on Earth since childhood. He got this unusual island, which from a height strongly resembles the outlines of a scorpion, as a pre-wedding present. The bride of a billionaire in love was Jacqueline Kennedy, the famous widow of John F. Kennedy. The couple arranged their wedding on this island.
However, the island did not remain the property of the heirs. It was sold on the auction for $ 1.5 million.

Our suggestion:
You probably don't have enough money for buying such an island. But visiting such one at least once in life could become a dream, couldn't it? Plan a perfect escape, just two of you - your loved one and you - to paradise on Earth.

Gift No. 5: The most aristocratic
Carl Borromeo decided to impress his beloved wife Isabella with a glorious gift. He gave the woman a unique palace located on a tiny Italian island. The palace has a really chic interior and also boasts a collection of exotic plants.

Our alternative:
You are a young family but still, don't have your own home? Dream of it, visualize, to make the dream true. Give your loved one a model of your future dream-house, it can be a toy-house, but with the details, you are dreaming of for your true one.

Gift No. 6: The most extravagant
Gift of Van Gogh
This gift is truly shocking, and not one for inspiration. The famous artist was an extraordinary person. Not only with his famous paintings, but also with his actions. He gave his ear to a prostitute, who was admired by the beauty of his ears and spoke it aloud. Of course, when she got the gift, the woman immediately fainted.

Well well well, no alternatives for such actions from our side! But a surprise can be shocking in a good way. Surprise your best friend with something he or she wouldn't expect! Invite his favorite singer to his birthday party, give a music instrument your friend has been dreaming of all the time, or maybe give the friend a true love - a dog! Yes.. (s)he will be shocked for sure! But isn't it a surprise to remember forever?

Gift No. 7: Symbolic
Statue of Liberty
Did you know, that the Statue wasn't created by Americans but was gotten as a gift from the French? It was a kind of friendly gesture in honor of the 100th anniversary of the independence of America. The statue, which became the next symbol of America, was created by engineer Bertoldi. The statue is made of copper and steel.

Symbols make the gift meaningful and even more beautiful. There are many different symbols, what to choose depends on the gift itself and the person it's for, of course. Consider, for instance, Kabbalah symbols.
Kabbalah represents ancient symbols of mystical teachings. Thus the tree of life represents the essence of Kabbalah, it is one of its most recognizable symbols. It unites in its symbolics the physical existence with the etheric creation.
Hamsa is also a symbol of Kabbalah that looks like an outstretched hand. The essential symbolics of Hamsa is peace and communication. Those who wear the Hamsa symbol might constantly pray for those who see it.
The star of David (Magen David in Hebrew) is the most widely recognized symbol of Jewish identity. In Kabbalah, this has two meanings: a symbol of God's supremacy over the universe in the six directions (up, down, north, south, east, west) and the duality of existence: good versus evil, the physical world against spiritual, etc.
This is given as the symbol of protection and good fortune.

Kabbalah Jewelry Gifts

8 funny stories about unusual gifts

These stories will definitely make you smile.

"Our head of the school told the boys at school that they had cool jeans. Those went to the store and bought him the same jeans".

"I got the coolest New Year's gift from my husband last year. He knew that my legs were always freezing, and so knitted two pairs of woolen socks for me! He went to my mother every two days to be taught and corrected, kept everything in secret and, after then presented on New Year Eve, the best gift of my life".

"My best friend gave me a book for my birthday - a collection of poetry by Edgar Allan Poe. Honestly, a strange gift, but he insisted that I should read it. I began to read and noticed that some letters in the book were circled by a yellow marker. Today I finally read the whole book and found all the letters. They made up a sentence: "I hid your gift under your TV." So this was a quest to get my real gift..."

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Custom Gifts

"I grew up in the 1990s. Children were looking for holidays to get a really cool gift (a puppy, a CD-player, a computer), but they were usually taken to the market for buying dull clothes for the school or other practical stuff for a gift ... But my classmate's parents presented him with a really unusual gift - a fence! Fence! The green fence around their private house ..."

"Once my friend did not have money for a gift for his girlfriend on Valentine's Day. And then made in Photoshop and printed out a certificate confirming that the star in the galaxy ZX-8654b would now be named after her. The girl naturally burst into tears when got the gift."

"My grandmother is 81 years old. For 30 years she has been doing yoga, she is a vegetarian for 10 years long. She hates the old-fashioned style in clothes, wears cuffs on her ears and has been learning English for the last six months. But what is the coolest thing about her - the gift she did for my birthday - a certificate for a tattoo saloon. I dream now, when I am old, to be as cool as my grandmother!".

"We were going home with my wife by bus. We started to argue, she felt offended ... Nearby there sat a guy with a bouquet of flowers. When we were going out of the bus stop, he quietly gave me one rose from his bouquet. My wife did not immediately understand where the rose came from, but she accepted my gift. Thank you, stranger, you saved my evening!"

"Our dad works 14 hours a day. And on his birthday, in addition to the main gift, we decided to give him an "unlimited sleep". We agreed with his boss, turned off all alarms. When dad woke up at 18:00 and saw what time it was, he was terribly scared at first, but when he saw cake and presents, he was happy as a child".

More stunning facts from the history of gift-giving

“What should I give?..”, - you can hear doubts of many when choosing gifts for their relatives and friends. Interestingly, was it customary to give presents in the old days? Let's explore this issue together.

In the heyday of Babylon and Sumer, it was customary to present gold jewelry as a gift.

In ancient Greece, manuscripts, goldware, thoroughbred horses, wine and fabrics, such as the Egyptian fine linen, were common gifts.

Both in ancient Greece and Rome slaves were often presented as a gift..: healthy and handsome young men and women.

In the Middle Ages, in Islam countries, slaves, horses, fabrics were considered the best gifts.

In the Middle Ages, in Christian countries church did not forbid to give and get gifts as well. Rich people exchanges jewelry, land, and entire estates together with servants. Naturally, such gifts were presented to the rulers, rich people.

Which one of the legendary gift ideas do you like most of all? Or maybe you have more interesting stories to share? Share here, please! 

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