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Tips for choosing men's earrings. Modern Men's Earrings. A meaningful accessory of all times

September 07, 2021

Tips for choosing men's earrings. Modern Men's Earrings. A meaningful accessory of all times

Earrings were known first as men’s, not women’s jewelry. Earrings for men were made 7 thousand years ago, already in ancient Asia, e.g. for the ancient Egyptians and Assyrians, the earring symbolized a high position in society. An earring in ancient Rome pointed a slave. Caesar's centurions wore nipple rings as a sign of courage. Rich Greek women and wealthy Roman women wore earrings with pearls, demonstrating their wealth and high position in society to others. Representatives of the highest nobility preferred luxury and magic of precious stones, choosing earrings with topazes, garnet or sapphire.

Among the countless jewelry found in Egyptian tombs, gold earrings took one of the first places. Gold and silver earrings earned great love in the countries of the Ancient East. Earrings with sapphires, rubies, and emeralds - the fantasy of the eastern masters knew no bounds and was reflected in the most luxurious jewelry. Earrings were worn in Assyria, India, and China.

In the Middle Ages in Europe, men's earrings either became fashionable or were persecuted. For example, in the 13th century the Catholic Church, armed with religious dogma, forbade changing the body created “in the image and likeness of God”. This prohibition also affected ear piercing. Since the sphere of influence of the church at that time was quite wide, the law-abiding majority stopped wearing earrings. As for the minority, represented by pirates, thieves, and gypsies, they were not going to refuse piercings. The reasons for wearing earrings varied. Gypsies put an earring into the ear of a boy born after the death of a previous child, as well as to the only son in the family. Thieves showed fearlessness to a church court and the belonging to a social “bottom” with an earring. For pirates, each new earring meant a ship he had captured. The sailor could also put on an earring after he traveled around Cape Horn, where stormy weather is almost all year round. Such a sailor had the right to get one free mug of alcoholic drink in port taverns, and even to put his feet on the table.

The Renaissance rehabilitated earrings and their owners. De jure - no one canceled the ban, de facto - one simply forgot about it. In the portrait of the French king Henry III, an earring adorns his right ear ...

In ancient times, jewelry was more an indicator of status; it was worn by everyone regardless of gender.
Until the XII century knights pierced one ear. In ancient Russia, earrings were not just regular jewelry, you could read the history and social status of the family with them. Poorer people wore copper and wooden earrings, richer merchants could afford more expensive silver earrings.
In the Moscow kingdom, men refused to pierce their ears, while free Cossacks wore earrings for a concrete meaning - an earring in the right ear meant that this was the only child in the family, in the left ear - the only man in the family. Therefore, the commanders could select the Cossacks to give them more or less dangerous tasks.

Modern men's earrings

Nowadays, earrings are considered to be more women's jewelry. But slowly these gender borders are getting blurry. Men wear earrings again, mostly as a fashionable accessory to accentuate their personal style.

Most men choose simple stud earrings or a single hoop earring. Sterling silver and oxidized silver are among the most popular metals with men. However, there are also fancier men's earrings designs, such as a single pendant earring. Such an accessory makes a statement and can be a focal point of the whole image. Usually, such earrings carry an additional symbolic meaning: Nautical, Celtic and different modern symbols of good fortune. The earrings look stylish and make an image even more masculine.

Have a look at the earring for modern Vikings. The pendant hoop earring is a must-have for the men who love the sea. The sterling silver earring features a whale tail. Whale symbolism includes wisdom, spiritual awareness, good luck, and long-lasting love. Such jewelry makes a lovely symbolic gift for him to any occasion!

Nautical earring

One more nautical accessory, anchor charm earring for men. It symbolizes the love for the open waters - for the ocean or the sea!

Anchor earring for men

Here is a different symbolic earring for men, but also with a thoughtful note. Sterling silver skull earring for men is a nice gift idea for your boyfriend! Celtic skull symbolic means transience, power, spirit, and portals of new understanding. Due to the Celts, it stands for a progressive dance between banal and cosmic, ultimately birthing a new direction in perception.

Men's earring

So, as you see, history goes in circles: starting as a men's accessory, earrings have been traveling a lot, have become most popular women's jewelry, and now... they are getting more and more popular with men again. There is plenty of earrings styles so that everyone could choose earrings to complement their own style best. Jewelry has long become an essential part of image and style, and so of modern life.

Here are some tips for choosing men's earrings 

When buying a new accessory: matching earrings to skin tone and face shape

Earrings should match skin tone and face shape.
Fair skin: Silver, steel or white gold accessories look great on fair skin. Avoid rose gold as it accentuates the pink hues of your skin.
Pale skin: Yellow gold isn't the best option for a milk skin, choose white or silver metals.
Olive skin: Here any metal color goes well. Lucky you are!
Dark skin: Yellow gold is the most contrasting and eye-catching against dark skin tones. Silver is also ok, but gold metals work best.

Face shape also has an important role in earring selection...
Round earrings suit well to the oblong face.
For the heart-shaped face choose straight earrings without curves.
Round or curved earrings are good for square face, and so square earrings are good for round face.

Cross earring

How to match earrings with the style
Earrings must work with your overall look well, like other accessories too.
Match the styles of your outfit and earring that should complement the outfit.
Match colorful earrings with casual clothes.
Minimalist designs go with business and formal attires well.
Keep earrings small and proportional to your body.
Large or bulky earrings are difficult to balance with outfits, both physically and stylistically.
Earrings should also be matched to other accessories you wear by color and metal.

What style of men's earrings do you like? Did you know these stunning facts from the history of earrings?

Men's hoops 

More Impressive Jewelry Facts

The price of life
So, men were the first in world history to wear earrings. Today, a men's earring is an attribute of fans of rock and heavy metal styles, and also often associated with Jack-Sparrow pirate, performed by Johnny Depp. Interestingly, the tradition of sailors wearing ear jewelry was also a sign of “rank”: for example, only high ranked pirates could wear gold, and ordinary sailors were allowed to wear only copper or bronze earrings. The earring served as a currency too: left without any money, a pirate could exchange it for food; it meant to be a talisman - protection of storms. Earrings had also a practical use, the wax earplugs were tied to the earring, and the pirates used them as a protection from the sounds of a loud fire.

Long years of love
An interesting case occurred in 1995 in Sweden. One day, a woman named Lena Paalsson, who, doing quite a daily routine, namely cooking dinner, took off her wedding ring and — (“how could it disappear?!”) could not find it immediately after. It is almost impossible to imagine the surprise of Lena, who discovered the ring sixteen years later during the harvest in her garden, and besides ... "ringed" carrots sprouted through it!

Silver is more expensive than gold
The champions standing on the podium don't recognize the “true” metal of the Olympic Games' highest award - a gold medal. In fact, the happy athletes posing for photographers do not hold gold in their hands, but silver trophies only covered with the desired yellow precious metal! The International Olympic Committee decided that pure gold should be rewarded in an amount of at least 6 grams - only about 1-1.5% of the total weight of the product.

Three Steps Above Heaven
To lose an engagement ring in the garden and find it after 16 years, as it turned out, is not the most incredible thing that can happen to this jewelry valuable for any person. Imagine a responsible "space mission", the 10th flight to the moon, Apollo 16 crew. The main character - cosmonaut Thomas Mattingly, who removed his ring at the beginning of the flight, and could not find it, till he had to make one of the experiments in the open space. His colleague, Charles Duke, watched the process at the open gateway of the spacecraft, and suddenly he saw the Mattingly's ring, slowly floating away directly into outer space. The attempt to catch the jewelry failed, but the Universe (fortunately, it was never so close!) “heard” Duke’s request and the ring rebounded right from the helmet of Mattingly who was conducting his research, “sailing” to his comrade exactly 3 (obviously, endless!) minutes expectations. Such a story!

Personal burden
Pharaohs and queens - those who made up the high society of ancient Egypt generously adorned themselves with jewelry. The heavy gold plates of which the massive necklaces consisted, often richly decorated with precious stones, according to the law of gravity forced their owners to lose balance and lean forward, of course. However, ancient Egyptians solved this problem: precious counterweights were hung on their backs, and posture remained “royal”.

Setting status
In the time of the existence of Ancient Russia, there seemed to be free from social networks, girls could put the status “searching for a man” or “married” on their “page”. An indicator of personal life in the public demonstration was jewelry, as well as special hats or hairstyles. So, unmarried girls should have worn laconic earrings, while married ladies brought to light the most imaginative and richly decorated accessories.

Do you know more incredible jewelry stories, maybe personals ones? Share with us!

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