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The Perfect Guide to Wearing Fashion Men's Jewelry

September 10, 2020

The Perfect Guide to Wearing Fashion Men's Jewelry

If you like the idea of complementing the style with tasteful, elegant jewelry, but don't know what to start with, here is a simple guide that will help you not to get mistaken when choosing men's basic accessories to any occasion.

Let's start. Here you will learn about the main men's accessories to add to your wardrobe and find out, what you should give the preference to.

Modern Men's Jewelry


The earrings are a visible accessory. If you have a corporate job, make sure to check the necessary dress code. If your work tolerates such accessories, you should definitely give earrings a try. Start with small studs or hoops of solid, dark, neutral colors. Most common among men is choosing one single earring: a small stud or a hoop. If you don't have any style restrictions, you may choose fancy earrings, like a stylish, symbolic pendant hoop. Still keep in simple, man.
Here are some fine men's earrings samples in a minimalist style.

Here is a minimalist Earring for men, fine accessory to make a statement. Choose guys' earrings to any occasion at my shop!
The sterling silver earring has a textured design on one side while the second side is flat. You can flip the earring to get a new look every time!
Nice gift for him. Make sure, regardless of his style, the earring will suit any outfit well.

Stud for men

More fancy still elegant design. Trendy accessory in nautical theme, anchor charm earring for men. The silver earring looks fine and may symbolize the love for the open waters - of the ocean or the sea!

Anchor Earring


Choose a classic and simple one. A thin, chunky gold or silver chain always looks great with any wear. It's not that visible jewelry like earrings, you can just tuck it under your shirt if necessary, still, we recommend keeping the necklace style simple, of course, if you are not a rock-star. You may still combine some thin necklaces or choose a few with pendants. Just make sure, they match well, each other, and your overall style.

Trendy men's necklace, a modern accessory for men. The necklace is made of a shiny silver ball chain and a tooth pendant with an artisan pattern. The elegant necklace makes a great gift idea for man!

Claw Pendant Necklace for Men

Braided men's necklace, a custom accessory for men. Fine jewelry piece with an engraved message. A hammered metal tag pendant makes a great background for your custom message consisting of words or numerals you wish.

Leather necklace


Except of an engagement ring, there are certain ways to wear rings - and styles to hold on to. If you work in a corporate setting, limit yourself to a sterling silver, gold band ring with a simple design and minimal sheen. If you want more, consider a signet ring or a stacked style (three or more rings on one finger or on multiple fingers) for a casual setting.

Here is a cool signet ring with a bold black Onyx gemstone. Pinky Ring for Men. The ring is crafted of black stainless steel for the perfect match with the gemstone. A stylish accessory for him!

Signet ring

Fine sterling silver ring for men, inside custom engraved. The ruler ring represents a handsome sophistication of sterling silver. The band ring features a cool engraving and can be also engraved with a secret message inside.
The ring is adjustable. Be sure, it will fit well.

Message ring for him

Personalized jewelry

Choose one or two custom jewelry designs, so that you have something truly unique in your image. This can be a bracelet or pendant, ring, featuring a symbol, logo engraved, or some words, like a mantra, words that encourage you or give some inspiration for every day. Such pieces make the style distinctive and add a personal note.

Trendy necklace that suits men with different tastes and who enjoy different fashion styles. The bar pendant can be all sides personalized. The pendant suspends from a silver chain that secures with a safe clasp. Engrave the pendant on one or all 4 sides with a name or a meaningful word, moto to make a motivation gift for your special man. Cool birthday gift idea for boyfriend, husband etc.

Custom men's necklace

Men's ID cuff. The military bracelet is meant to become a fine army band.
The open adjustable bracelet is handmade of high quality sterling silver. You may order it in silver or black finishes. Great gift for the army husband, combat, veteran with the ID info, logo, symbols, or any words engraved both inside and outside the band.
You may order the cuff to keep the memory of Fallen Officer Hero as well. Unique engraved with your words gift idea.

Men's cuff bracelet


Cufflinks are most commonly worn on cuffed French shirts. You may stick to classic, graceful styles like silver, gold, matte or shiny square or round links with little design/detail. Typically, the knots are less elegant, and the precious metal cufflinks look chicer but still masculine. Avoid fancy-shaped diamond jewelry like skulls, this seldom looks appropriate. But you may still experiment with designs, and choose simple cufflinks yet featuring an unusual design, like a pencil or a lock, that may even reflect the sphere you are working in.

The Lapel Pin

Lapel pins are often associated with politicians, but they are not about just formal political style. There is big a range of different pins, they come in different sizes, colors, and designs to be worn on the lapel of a jacket. Keep the size small and make sure it doesn't clash with other accessories that you may wear like a pocket square. If you complement your style with the pins, choose a subtle pattern like flowers in brass, gold, or silver (in the color to match your outfit). If you're going to an event that promotes something you firmly believe in, like animal rights, choose a thematic design like a dog or whale pin.

The Tie Clip or Tie Chain

A tie bar anchors underneath the shirt to keep your tie staying in place. This piece of jewelry is small, but you can play around with many options when styling it. Start with a classic, sophisticated one, but then try a fun clip with some personal meaning like an animal or sport Tie Bar. Make sure the color matches the rest of your outfit.

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