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The coolest 5th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him and Her

August 13, 2021

The coolest 5th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him and Her

5 years together - quite a long path, isn't it? 

If you’re celebrating 5-year wedding anniversary, congrats! You’ve made it through half a decade with your loved one, which definitely needs a celebration. While everyday life can sometimes be that monotonous, use the fifth anniversary as a fine opportunity to brighten those days. Here are the best five anniversary gifts that are meant to make his/her anniversary the most memorable one yet.
Let us first see, what is the Traditional 5th Anniversary Gift?
Traditionally, the fifth-anniversary symbol is wood. The wood stands for strength and long lasting nature of a marriage. There is much of wood decor, furniture, and other wood gifts to choose from.
A modern 5th Anniversary Gift is silverware that has been chosen for honoring the anniversary.
Speaking about the Gemstone, Sapphire represents the 5-year gemstone. Blue and pink colors are usually associated with 5th anniversaries.

So first let's see some Anniversary Gift ideas for Her

1) Wood Tree Swing
If you have a large tree in your yard, then a personalized wooden swing is the best fitting gift for the 5th anniversary.

2) Wood Frame Gallery
A picture frame gallery is always a good idea to have those special moments in front of you that may inspire or bring you back to the sweetest memories. Surprise her with a set of hardwood frames featuring her favorite photos.

3) It's all about Trees
You are not supposed to give something made of wood speaking about those 'wooden gifts'? You may give a picture of the tree, you kissed under for the first time. Or this can be a wonderful jewelry piece - a tree, leaf or flower shaped pendant. You may also choose a tree engraved charm etc.

Leaf Charm Necklace for Her

4) Wooden Art Shelf
Create cozy home atmosphere with wood art shelves that look perfect for displaying art alongside your favorite home decor accents. The arevailable in a wide range to choose from.

5) Wooden Accessories
Boho style wood jewelry in beautiful designs is a unique idea! Look for inspiration among designers using wood for handmade jewelry pieces.

6) Wood Lanterns
Choose a beautiful pair of lanterns and make a romantic surprise using them for a romantic evening for you two. Champagne along with her favorite dessert together with the lanterns will create a special ambiance. She’ll surely love it!

Anniversary Gifts for Him
Are you not too sure what to get him as a gift? Check out modern 5-year anniversary gifts for men!

1) Wood Stump Side Table
A wood stump side table, a sophisticated for a modern living space piece, will become his great spot to hold a candlestick, the phone, and a glass of wine!

2) Personalized jewelry for him
If you don't want to get concentrated on those wood symbolic things, find a memorable jewelry piece for him. Get him an one-of-a-kind personalized bracelet or necklace. Engrave some words of love, a quote to inspire or motivate, or maybe something really special: like GPS coordinates of a place you're dreaming to go together to. Don't you want everyone to see that special engraving on the jewelry piece? Order to add a hidden message, engraved inside the cuff or on the back pendant side.

Custom Jewelry for Him

Tree Bracelet for 5th Anniversary

3) Rustic Wood Burning Fire Pit
What can be more romantic that an evening by the fire, with a splash of champagne, a cozy blanket and you two. Arrange such special moments after 5 years of marriage and 10, 15 as well. Make them happen by gifting him a fire pit.

4) Wood Chair
Get him a super comfortable chair to lounge in the hot summer sun. Perfect gift to enjoy for years.

5) Monogram Wood Photo Album
This could be a wonderful gift for either him or her. During those five years you have most certainly accomplished a lot. Get the best photos from the loveliest moments of you two, and make a fitting memento beautifully housed by a monogram wood photo album.


6) Genuine Wood Headphones with Mic
Genuine Wood Over-Ear Headphones with in-Line Microphone, Tangle-Free Noise-Isolating Wired Stereo Earphones represent a great mix of quality and price.

Choose your unforgettable anniversary gift! Surprise your loved one and feel happy for the next many and many anniversaries!

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