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Style Guide. 5 Must Know Rules

August 20, 2021

Style Guide. 5 Must Know Rules

Your style - is your visit card. Pay attention to what speaks loud for you! 

Transform your style with jewelry! No matter what jewelry you choose it always brings a good mood and a fine detail to the style. But not only! It can even change the look of the whole image. Sometimes a good chosen jewelry piece may turn an ordinary outfit to something totally new. Here you will find a couple of tips on how to choose jewelry to create a chic and unique image.

Create your own style!
Jewelry is like spices in food. This is something that can make your style unforgettable, special. It can reflect your mood and tell a lot about you. You shouldn't always choose jewelry being guided by fashionable trends. Sometimes the main thing is that it suits you and your mood.

Personalized Necklace

Less is more.
It is the very first rule. Jewelry makes an accent. Do not overdo: you always need to know when to stop. For example, if you have several bracelets on you, the accent is already there, don't add more jewelry to the image. Ornaments should also go with the outfit well. Thus if you put on a blouse with ruffles, decorate the neckline with a thin chain, not a massive necklace. Also remember that tasteful jewelry does not always mean expensive. Sometimes the simplest and cheapest things can look chic. The main thing is that all the parts of your image match each other well.

Leather bracelet for women

Nowadays it is trendy to combine several necklaces for a layered look, even those, different in materials, colors and styles. Experiment! If you are going to wear one necklace, do not ignore its length. Women who haven't a long swan neck should pay attention to longer chains and necklaces, and vice versa - to avoid short ones. If you do not know what to choose to complement an elegant outfit, choose a silver chain with some pendants or a pearl necklace - that's something that is always fashionable and stylish.

Layering Necklaces

Earrings: focus on the face.
Whatever earrings you prefer: small studs or large hoops, they have a big impact on your overall look. If studs are made of pearls, gold or silver, they are universal. But chandelier earrings or other big ones must be selected carefully. Their design should emphasize the beauty of your face according to its shape. Wearing massive earrings, you also should be careful with other ornaments. All the same rule: know the measure. If you choose colored earrings, then remember that they must be combined in color not with the color of your clothes only, but also with the skin of the face, the color of the eyes.

Geometric Hoops

Let's add some shine with rings!
A fashionable trend is to put several rings on one finger at a time. It looks really nice. Rings of precious metals look chic and complement any wear perfectly. But don't put few rings on all the fingers. It's better to pick a matching bracelet or watch. Speaking of bracelets, it is fashionable to combine bracelets from different metals. But stop at two different ones, for example, leather and silver, or from pearls and gold. When layering bracelets, you can take a wide one and complement it with several thin ones. Charm bracelets with pendants look fine and may also help to express your personality. Today you can choose charms to any taste.

Birthstone Ring

Make sure, you like what you wear, and then it's already success!

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