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Not gadgets only: What to give your Child for Christmas. Best gift ideas for Kids of every age

November 17, 2021

Not gadgets only: What to give your Child for Christmas. Best gift ideas for Kids of every age

Nowadays children are often pragmatic: do your children still believe in tooth fairies, Easter rabbits, Santa Claus and St. Nicholas? I am sure, most of them prefer parents' gifts (prepared after their wishes) instead of magic letters and gifts of fairy tale characters.

But even if your child does not believe in miracles, you can create a magical festive atmosphere by preparing a surprise. How to make a gift to your child joyful and what to give to children, visiting relatives and friends? Here are gift ideas for boys and girls, from babies to teenagers, that will not only please the kids but may also be useful to parents.

Of course, it's easy to pick up a gift for a child whom you know well. However, it often happens that you are invited to the family, where there will be small children who you may see, perhaps for the first time in your life. The main clue, in this case, is the age and gender of the child, this is what will help you navigate when choosing a present. If the toys seem too banal for you, and you don’t want to give just one more car for a boy, and another little pony for a girl let's figure out how to make it original.

Best gift ideas for children of every age

Babies up to 1 year old
Gifts for a child at this age are more intended for parents than for the baby, but still, what to give?

Game mats
What parents want is the safety and development of the baby. Multicolored rugs with images of animals made of natural materials can be decorated with hanging rattles for the smallest or can be folded like a puzzle for children learning to crawl. In addition, soft and warm rugs protect the child.
A game mat not only entertains the child but also protects from the cold or slippery floor.

Educational toys
Multi-colored toys, simple mechanisms, buttons that make different sounds, and holes where you need to put a ball or a cube - all this can be found in one large game center. Such toys develop visual, sensory, auditory skills as well as the speech of the child.

Baths and bathing accessories
Many babies love to swim, this process fascinates and soothes them. Special baths, bathing accessories (for example, rubber rings) or toys, like a classic rubber duck, will help make the process comfortable for mom and baby, as well as calm those babies who don’t like water. Also, consider a children's bath set with cosmetic accessories (special baby soap, shampoo, oils) and a large, soft towel for wrapping the child after bathing that can also be a wonderful gift.

For boys or girls 2-4 years old
At this age, children explore the world around them as much as possible, so they are very mobile, and sometimes hyperactive. In addition to traditional dolls and cars, you can come up with a lot of gifts that can occupy a child for a long time and satisfy his or her desire to move.

Baby dolls for girls, superheroes for boys
No matter how advanced modern children are, baby dolls in beautiful dresses and superheroes on motorbikes are still in trend. Such a gift can be taken to kindergarten to share joy with friends. Present a doll or a baby doll with lots of accessories as a gift to the girl and you will see how busy your child will immediately become. Boys will love a collection of figures of all fantastic movie heroes.

If your child often asks: “Let's go swinging!”, then this is that gift! A safe closed on all sides swing will suit even the smallest. A personal swing is an ideal option for a summer house or a country house.

Children tent
Your own space where you can hide your favorite toys or invite friends - what could be better? Tents and playhouses can be set in the apartment, and in the summer one can take them with, traveling to nature, where it could protect the child from the sun.
Wigwam tent helps to create own play space with the rules set by the child

Toy basket
A good gift for a child who will not lose toys, leaving them in the most unpredictable places, and for parents who keep the order. In addition, some toy baskets themselves look like a big toy, and a child will be delighted.

Gymnastic set
A children's gymnastic wall with a ladder and rings, as well as small trampolines, are an excellent option to direct the energy of a hyperactive child. Such items can be placed both outdoors and at home, but make sure they are safe enough.

Children's books
Books are a great gift for a child at any age. For the little ones, collections of fairy tales, alphabets, and ones with puzzles are wonderful.

Night light
Create a cozy atmosphere in the children's room using a night lamp with a projection of the night sky. In such an atmosphere, the child will feel calmer and fall asleep faster. Some nightlights for babies play a pleasant melody or create the so-called “white noise”, which calms the baby and gives parents a good night's sleep.

For children 5 to 7 years old
Preschool children spend a lot of time playing games, but at the same time they are actively developing, they are interested in everything new and unusual. In addition to toys, consider the following gifts.

Designers help to develop the imagination and logical thinking of the child; constructors will be interesting both for boys for building, for example, a garage or a complex aircraft, and girls for building a castle for their favorite dolls.

Railway station
Building a railroad and running your own train is a real adventure. Consider a railway station in the form of a game.

Electro car
A great gift if the child spends a lot of time outdoors, for example, in a country house or if there is a park nearby where one can ride. However, be prepared for the fact that in bad weather a child can start rolling around the rooms (will there be enough space in your house for such a ride?).

Day at the children's amusement park
All children adore trampolines, playgrounds, rollercoasters where they can run, scream loudly and have fun without limits. Give your child a day in the children's entertainment center. The child will be happy to enjoy active games with other children, and you may have a day of rest.

Children at this age can already learn to ride a regular two-wheeled bicycle. Teach your child to sports and a healthy lifestyle from an early age. A bicycle is not just a means of transportation, but a way to spend a wonderful time cycling with family and friends.

Interactive alphabet
Interactive toy that will help your child learn letters and how to read. In addition to the visual memorization of letters, a child, clicking on the letter, hears its pronunciation and a word with this letter. Great helper for parents.

Painting set
If you have the whole apartment full of children's drawings, do not limit your child to a set of 10 pencils. Give the child a large set for drawing with an album, pencils, pens, crayons, and paints. Also, plasticine, polymer clay, will be a wonderful gift to young artists with creative nature. Girls will appreciate needlework kits that allow creating jewelry with own hands.

Gifts for children 8-10 years old
Often, after school hours, modern children rush home to play computer games. During this period, it is very important to distract them from the screens of monitors and smartphones, therefore, any gifts that can pull a child out of the house are welcome.

Many restaurants and pastry shops offer children's master classes in the preparation of pizza, cookies, chocolate or caramel candies, etc. A child will surely like to create own favorite dish, eat by herself or himself and show off to parents. In addition to culinary, you can find master classes in needlework and sewing, drawing, creating animations, clubs for young technicians. One lesson can attract a child with the wish to develop it into a hobby.

Sports subscriptions
If a child spends too much time at home, give a subscription to sports classes: team sports, gymnastics, yoga, or dance lessons for children - all this and even more can be found in a bright variety.
Balls, hula hoops, table tennis kits, skates, skis, snowboards, badminton, sneakers, etc. - everything can be useful for those who are trying to instill a child with love of sport and an active lifestyle.
If you are used to skiing every winter, then skiing or snowboarding will be a great gift for Christmas and New year holidays, but if such entertainment is not for your child, pay attention to what suits the child's interests more.

Funny slippers
Funny and not expensive gift - slippers in the form of animals or fantastic heroes. An addition to this gift can be children's pajamas- in the same plush style.

Movie tickets
Give your child movie tickets for a weekend with friends and money for popcorn, let the children have fun!

Table games
A complex board game that develops memory, reaction and logical thinking will appeal not only to your child but also to you. Inviting friends to the game or spending a game family evening - a wonderful tradition that can find a special place in your life.

Sweet goodies
No child will say No to sweets. Unusual chocolate, a cream-filled cake or a cake made on special order will be a great addition to the main gift.

Children's camp
Children 11 years and older will love the offer to go on holiday to the children's camp, even if the trip has to wait until the summer. In such trips, children communicate with peers a lot, can show their talents and acquire valuable skills.

Gift Ideas for Teens 14 to 17 Years Old
Modern teenagers at an older age are already beginning to think about their future, they know exactly what they want to look like, with whom to communicate and what to do. They will appreciate the contribution to their future or the opportunity to stand out among their peers.

A nice personalized jewelry piece will be a great option, especially for young ladies. Surely the child has the best friend, so if you choose friendship bracelets or pendants engraved with their names or a meaningful quote about friendship - you have then two Christmas gifts ready, both lovely and meaningful!

Wonderful Christmas Jewelry Gifts

Friendship Jewelry

It is difficult to challenge the fact that modern children pay a lot of attention to a variety of mobile devices, gadgets, new technologies. If you are going to give your child a new smartphone, laptop, or smartwatch, before buying a gift, check out recommendations for choosing devices well.

Being constantly in the media space for modern teenagers it is very important, what image to have. A stylish photo shooting will allow them to create the desired image or open up from a completely unexpected angle.

Language classes
Nowadays many teenagers are trying hard to study foreign languages because they realize that this is a valuable contribution to their future, which expands the choice of professions. Even if this understanding is not ripe yet, it will become clearer over time, and foreign language courses will be a great New Year gift.

Vocal lessons or Theater Club
If your child constantly sings in the shower, or dreams of a rock star career, a vocal lesson could be useful to understand the basics of singing.
Lessons in acting and stage speech are also a nice idea, even if you do not prepare your child for a theater university. Such classes will help to learn how to adapt to a new company and speak beautifully. You can buy a subscription to theatrical art classes first for one month to try it.

What did your parents give you when you were a child? Do you think your children's needs are very different from those you had? Tell us in the comments what are the best Christmas and New Year gifts and surprises you have ever prepared for your children?

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