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Must Have Things for Your Summer Vacation

May 07, 2022

Must Have Things for Your Summer Vacation

The modern proverb says: "Arranging your suitcase is like arranging the life." It's difficult, but still possible. You'll pack your suitcase faster and better, if you keep the goals and desires of your future summer vacation before your eyes. Forward to dreams and plans!

So, what things do you need in a suitcase to look stylish, feel comfortable and be ready for beautiful photos at any time?

Vacation on the coast.
Choose clothes in colors that easily and beautifully combine with each other and with the colors of the sea: white, blue, orange. Plus a flying evening dress for a beach party! Add bright swimsuits, fashionable in this season's summer overalls, sunglasses. Keep in mind some accessories to make your look complete: necklaces, anklets, bracelets.
Except of clothes, it's time to choose the skin and hair care for hot summer days, which must be at the top of the list of necessary things. Pack it into a bright suitcase!

If you are going to the mountains, to the lakes or to the woods, it will surely bring a lot of new impressions. The packing of a suitcase here is here especially important. Means of protection from the sun and insects are a guarantee of a problem-free trip. Headgear and comfortable shoes (preferably two pairs) are obligatory companions even in the easiest hike. A handy bag or backpack, where you put it all together, also play a primary role. A refrigerator bag and thermos will become indispensable helpers on the way. Put raincoat jumps, even if they promise sunny weather, and also a minimal set of both warm and light things for any forecast. External batteries for recharging phones, cameras. And double-check for all the necessary hygiene, disinfection and first aid means.

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Travel to London.
We decided to give a couple of tips if you decide to visit this wonderful city in Europe.
Bring a scarf to London! A light summer scarf will beautify the outfit, but also protect you from the whims of the fickle London weather. For the same reason, an umbrella and raincoat should be sent to the suitcase. Take a light raincoat with you. Yes, we are still talking about summer. But the scarf and coat will protect from winds and possible rains, giving the opportunity to feel not beautiful only, but also comfortable. Speaking about comfort, take a spare pair of comfortable shoes. Take a big bag as well, ready to accommodate unplanned purchases :)

Have fun!

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