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Military Wife Life - Sure You know How is it to Be an Army Wife?

August 20, 2021

Military Wife Life - Sure You know How is it to Be an Army Wife?

Some professions influence the life not only of the person who has one of them, but also of the people around. 

Military wife...that sounds special and it actually is special. When speaking about relationships there are some particular things military wives would understand only. If there is a proving love must go through, being military wife is probably the most demanding one. Keep loving, keep waiting for the husband despite of all the circumstances, difficulties and regrets.. this is the most beautiful proof of what love can ..of how deep and strong it can be.

Sometimes it's getting hard..and probably no one realize why, or can relate to the feeling. If they pretend, military life could hear something like “You knew what you were getting into, right?” But the fact is any woman can really know what that could mean..being a military wife. It's like parenting. You can read all the possible books, but nothing can really prepare you for the experience with the first kid.
Here are some facts about being a military wife that may surprise you. However it's a really unique experience one gets in a military family. So as said nothing can prepare you to that but these are some facts you could read before becoming a military wife, not to change your mind, but to realize how cool you are.

Military Wife Life

One can't getting prepared for the first deployment that would be a brutal shock. The deployment will be different than expected, despite planning, preparations and understandings.
Deployments won’t get easier, but a military wife gains tools to cope with deployment separations.

Being military wife, one should be ready to travel..but it's not a vacation travel. It means be ready to change the husband's current duty station any time without knowing in advance where you will go next. Some duty stations may feel like the worst place on the earth, but military wife should be ready to adapt quickly.. cause this place won't be the last one, it will be changed as well. The faster you get used and learn to like the place you are living at, the bigger chances are: you have a piece of time you can live calm on the place! .. until you must move again.

Military Wife git ideas for husband

You will understand the word Patriotism different and it will stay deep in your heart.

You will understand what distance means, cause you will have to deal with it to see your friends and family. Sometimes it will hurt and you will understand that the distance does play its role.. but sometimes you will realize that wisdom that true connections last despite of all possible distances.

As a military spouse you would most probably stay either unemployed or underemployed. People will often say they understand how you feel..and you will realize that in fact they have no idea how do you feel.

You’ll understand the meaning of some words differently, like 'a plan'.. you will still make some plans but just.. to make a new plan over and over again. You will understand as well "life has its own plans for you", oh yes, you will understand it better than others.

You will feel lonely going to the lowest of lows emotionally...but at the same time you with get to the highest of highs nobody but a military wife can imagine.

Officers wife can handle tough situations no other young women can deal with.. You will understand many things that will make you wiser..You will explain time to time your life as a military spouse to a civilian and they won’t get it.

Perhaps you never expected to move overseas, and you may give a panic attack, when you hear like you must move.. but then you’ll do it and love it.

You will get long-distance friendships, and its number will be bigger than that of friends living in your current duty station. Perhaps you will gain friends all over the world.. and this is an amazing feeling.

You’ll get in the military community and understand it different than other people.

Army wife should learn being okay with parenting alone. Of course, you are not alone...but many responsibilities will lie just on you.

You’ll learn to be happy in the midst of some really challenging circumstances.. and that is the experience everyone should have!

Military couples who manage to maintain strong, healthy relationships over long periods of time deserve unadulterated respect.. and especially military wives - heroes of that film lasting life long!

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