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Best Accessories for White and Grey Outfits

August 03, 2021

Best Accessories for White and Grey Outfits

What colors of outfits do you choose most often? If they are white and grey, this post is surely for you!

White and grey are base colors, you certainly must have some clothes in the shades. It's easy to combine them with other colors and they always look relevant regardless of fashion tendencies. Let's see, what accessories go best with the outfits in the colors. 

If you choose white accessories for a white outfit, it is important not to overdo, choose just 1-2 accessories. Also remember that there are several shades of white. You should be careful when combining different shades. Try to choose a shade of white that suits your skin color best. It isn't true that pure white dresses are suitable for people with fair skin only. The main thing is the right shade! The combination of white and silver looks realy fine, emphasizing the beauty of both light, medium and dark skin tones.

If you put on a white dress, this is the case where you can experiment and combine jewelry from different metals. For example, pick up a few bracelets of different thicknesses of gold and silver.

Silver and Gold Modern Bracelets 

Or you can choose a silver bracelet for one hand and a mix of gold and silver ones for the other. A large massive silver ring and a pair of earrings in a matching style are the right choice almost to any outfit!
Both a simple necklace or a fancy design necklace is a great way to adorn a simple white dress. The simpler the design of the outfit, the fancier the jewelry can be. Here you can afford to experiment with silver and gold necklaces of different lengths.

Fine Fashion Necklaces


Are you going to a party? Then do not forget to pick up a clutch. This accessory has a long history since the beginning of the last century and has not gone out of fashion since that time. A clutch can become the main accent of your image! Are you afraid of experimentations? Then choose a white or silver clutch in classic style for a white outfit - such a combination is in trend now. Do you want to add some bright accents? Today you can find clutches of all possible shapes, sizes and colors! Just do not forget that it should match the dress and other accessories too. This does not mean that they must be the same color, but all the parts of your outfit must tend to the same mood!

Tired of a little black dress? Do you want to try something new, but still elegant and classic? An elegant grey dress can look not worse than eternal black, if you choose the right accessories. Wherever you're dressing up for: for a date, a picknick with friends or just a walk, a grey outfit can make a statement! Here you will find some tips on how to add a couple of accents to the dress in grey to look your best!

Here is the same general rule as well as for a white outfit: the simpler the dress is, the more accessories you can afford at the same time, and vice versa. Classics - black accessories to a grey dress. This combination is always relevant. In addition, a pair of black accessories are always at hand, aren't they? If not, then add a small black clutch, black earrings, a pair of bracelets or a clock in the color to your collection. This is what must be in each girl's jewelry box. The same win-win choice - dark blue accessories. Grey and dark blue - a combination worthy of the cover of a magazine!

The combination of grey and gold can be chic as well. But! Here you need to pay attention to the size and shine of gold accessories, so they do not outshine your dress completely. After all, do not forget: accessories complement the outfit, and not vice versa. But a grey dress with gold - it's chic!

Unique Gold Jewelry

Do you have a pair of red shoes and a handbag in red? Grey and red combine beautifuly too!

Yellow color accessories will add some freshness and sun to your image, while silver - elegance and charm. Do not underestimate the grey color! It can look brighter than many juicy shades!


Remember that the color of accessories you choose is not everything. They should match each other and your overall image well.

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