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Anniversary Gift Ideas by Year. From 21st till 30th anniversary!

September 04, 2021

Anniversary Gift Ideas by Year. From 21st till 30th anniversary!

We have already started the topic of anniversaries and most appropriate gifts (see my later posts).

Now it's time to have a look at the ideas not for the first anniversaries of your life together but at those beginning from the 21th. If you still together after all the years, than your true love is certainly worth celebrating! Here are the themes for each anniversary and also gift suggestions you can use. Get some inspiration here! We suggest both inexpensive and over-the-top ideas. You may pick up ideas that could work for more occasions. We hope you enjoy them all through the year!

21st wedding anniversary.
Theme: Fire
1. Make a romantic dinner at home lit by 21 candles.
2. Buy an outdoor fire pit and make a date outdoors. Travel to an active volcano, such as Arenal in Costa Rica!

22nd wedding anniversary.
Theme: Water
1. Make a romantic date at the river.
Give a small fountain for the desktop or garden.
2. Make a plan of the unbelievable travelling. Go to the big water like Niagara Falls. Or visit the most romantic city on water - Venice in Italy.

23rd wedding anniversary.
Theme: Air
1. Decorate your bedroom with balloons! You may add a romantic card to each of it!
2. Perfect occasion to take an unforgettable ride in a hot air balloon. If you’re brave enough, go skydiving!

24th wedding anniversary.
Theme: Stone
1. Give her or him a lovely jewelry piece with a precious or semi-precious stone.
2. Present a certificate for a hot stone massage.

Turquoise stone earrings

25th wedding anniversary.
Traditional and Modern: Silver
Order a secret message engraved on the inside of a silver ring, a pendant or cuff links. A fine silver jewelry piece is the best idea for the silver anniversary. Find a personalized piece to engrave some words of love, a message to inspire or motivate!

Personalized Silver Jewelry

26th wedding anniversary.
Theme: Art
1. Begin your date at a local art museum and then go to a nice art cafe.
2. Make a photosession by your favorite photographer.
Visit galleries for choosing the perfect painting together.

27th wedding anniversary.
Theme: Music
1. Make a mix CD of all the favorite songs of you both. Include a handwritten note with some words of the song of your wedding.
2. Give tickets to a rock concert, a Broadway show or spend an evening at opera.

28th wedding anniversary.
Theme: Linens
1.Choose new cloth napkins for a romantic dinner at home!
2. Transform your bedroom with new chic sheets, pillows and curtains!

29th wedding anniversary.
Theme: Tools
1. Give new “tools” for his or her favorite hobbies. This might be a golf set with custom balls, or cooking utensils.
2. Put into an empty toolbox a gift card to a home décor store, and tell your loved one to fill it up!

30th wedding anniversary.
Traditional: Pearl
Modern: Diamond
1.Jewelry adorned with pearl would be a great way to commemorate the anniversary. Give a beautiful pearl piece to remember!
2. Visit the Tennessee River Freshwater Pearl Farm. Experience of the lifetime!

Pearl Jewelry

Take the inspiration from the ideas and find your perfect gift!

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