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9 tricks from the fashion world: how to transform your look easily

July 08, 2020

9 tricks from the fashion world: how to transform your look easily

Do you know that those who work in the fashion world have int their arsenal some simple (yes, really, simple) tricks that always help one to look best regardless of the season. Some of the tricks are suitable for a particular person. Others are universal, and I’ll just list you them, all those are easy to see in Vogue street style photos.

Are you ready to get some fashionable trump cards? Here you are.

Tricks of the Fashion World

Take your evening outfit into the sunlight
We know that sparkles look great in the light of a disco ball, but have you ever seen how great they look in the light of day? Whether it is a disco image from head to toe or a t-shirt with sequins, do not wait for the darkness, let the outfits shine in the sun.

Just put it on your shoulders
This is the oldest trick. You do not need to be a Marvel superhero to deal with it. It works with any style: just throw a jacket on your shoulders - and this simple action will transform your look giving it some extra charm.

Socks and sandals want to be together
Fashionistas like to challenge the rules, and now 'the ugly fashion' has penetrated the mainstream. Just everyone laughed at socks paired with sandals. But this combination, combined with high heels is now in the trend. Do you not believe it? Ask Prada.

A smartphone is your perfect accessory
People in the fashion industry are always busy, very busy, and what is the main sign of business? Of course, the phone in your hand, everywhere and always. Choose a case suitable for the outfit, and do not underestimate the phone as an accessory.

Shoes are everything
Shoes can completely transform the outfit. Celebrities often wear the most ordinary outfit and then choose unexpected shoes for it. A midi skirt paired with sandals, a pair of exquisite heels with sweatpants, or a pair of sneakers for an evening dress is no longer an exception, but a fashionable rule.

Layered cake
A dress over trousers, short sleeves over long sleeves or knitwear, a combination of contrasting textures that may make your look unique and still trendy.

Do not change dishes, but spices
It seems to us that people in the fashion world have thousands of different clothes. They do... but sometimes less than we think. Often such an impression is gotten with a well-chosen basis for the wardrobe, giving the opportunity to combine things in different ways. And also - well-chosen jewelry and accessories that can completely change the same outfit. Therefore, if you want something new, think that it is probably easier to add several accessories to your style than to completely update the wardrobe. The effect could be even better.

Colors and shades
A smart fashionista knows about the compatibility of colors, and she also knows which shades suit her best. And you should know that too. Learn to combine colors and find out what suits your skin, hair, and eye color best. It is known that red goes to every woman, the question is in the shade. Otherwise, you will have to wear all black. If so, everything is simple.

Sunglasses forever
Do you want to be like a true fashionista? Never leave home without Sunglasses. Good sunglasses create a unique fleur.

Well, tell me what you feel like and what not :)

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