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7 Trendy colors of this season! Fashion trends Spring / Summer 2019

May 07, 2019

7 Trendy colors of this season! Fashion trends Spring / Summer 2019

Summer is coming, so let's learn the main color trends of this spring / summer 2019. Pastel shades reign along with rich, warm colors that actually seem a bit autumnal. Mango, Mojito, Toffee in dark shades give us the mentioned autumn vibrations, but we will focus on those tones that will dilute them and bring light notes to the image!
This spring yellow is in trend, which appears in gold, pastel yellow, turmeric, and lemon verbena. Yellow - cheerful and sunny, like summer itself. Other colors on the top: various shades of pink, lilac color.

1. Powder Pink
Powder pink color is universal and perfect in combination with all other colors from the spring list. Designers create incredibly feminine dresses in this color. Just take a look! Not only dresses, loose trousers, coats and transparent shirts are so beautiful that it proves: pink is not only for romantic and frivolous dresses.

2. Sweet lilac
This pale pink tint of lavender or lilac makes it a gentle, but not cloyingly sweet color. Designers used it this season both in elegant minimalist design and in some lush girls' styles with tulle, lace and ruffles.

3. Taste of lavender
Lavender is another pastel that appeared in the color trends palette of spring / summer 2019. It is a cool shade that goes well with softer yellow shades, as well as with deep neutral colors: brown, dark, gray.

4. Corals
Coral shade is between orange and pink shades, it resembles beautiful flowers and tropical relax. It is good both in monochrome costumes and in the designs of beautiful cream and coral dresses with a print.

5. Fiesta or fest of fire
A real warm summer red is the fire, the passionate, exciting color trend of the spring summer 2019, which shines, whether it is an evening outfit, casual wear or underwear. This season many fashion collections are presented with lots of monochromatic designs, which also allowed the fiery color to take a central place in the works of designers.

6. Yolk and Lemon Verbena
Take lemon vervain, add a little cream, and you will get the most beautiful shade of pastel-yellow, which easily took the place of one of the trends of spring summer 2019. This shade of egg yolk blends well with other pastel colors for a perfect spring day look. Choose pastel yellow dresses, or elegant trench coats and trouser suits - in any case it is stylish and beautiful.
More saturated yellow? No problem! Lemon Verbena is one of the most fashionable color trends. Fun, warm and tasty. This shade of yellow matchess well particularly with all other pastel colors.


7. Cream
This spring shades of cream and beige are relevant again. It is better to be in this color from head to toe, as the designers suggest, and you will be the most elegant trendsetter in the city! Choose cream in any shade: from the lightest to the darkest, find the shade that best matches the skin color.

There are other actual colors, we have not forgotten about the color of crystal clear water with a barely noticeable blue tint and the color of fresh grass .. But if you need to choose the seven leaders, then they will look that way.

What color is your favorite for this season?

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