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4 Tips for wearing men's rings. Personalized rings for men

September 15, 2021

4 Tips for wearing men's rings. Personalized rings for men

Wearing rings is officially in our lives to stay. Go with 4 easy-to-understand tips how you can wear your ring in style and be inspired by our bestsellers.

What do Egyptian pharaohs, Vikings and Ottoman sultans have in common?
They all wore rings.
We believe it is time for men's rings to get the attention they deserve. They are made for everyone, and you don't need a Grammy-winning rap album to wear one (or two) in style.
Men's rings have come a long way, from the Viking Age to sleek silver rings and heavy rockers rings. So choose what you like and don't forget some rules.

What men's rings are about

1. C for Confidence
Shall we reveal the greatest style secret to you?
No matter which men's jewelry you wear, wear it with confidence.
Wearing a new fancy ring for the first time is going to feel a little strange. You will feel its weight. This can be uncomfortable for someone new to the jewelry pool. Start with a light ring and test how it feels.
Your confidence will make your ring look its best. If you're the hands-in-the-pocket type ... a ring is probably not for you.

Have a look at our jewelry bestsellers

Look at the stylish rustic jewelry for men. Black ring with a hidden message to make a lovely gift for boyfriend.
Personalize the masculine ring with a secret message inside for one-of-a-kind men's gift! Crafted in oxidized sterling silver, it is hammered for a nice texture. You may also order it as a perfect everyday ring, without engraving.

2. Chose comfort
Comfort and confidence go hand in hand. It's hard to feel confident when your wrists are sore from too much jewelry.
Which hand do you work with?
Do you shake hands often?
Do you have to type all day?
Is there a dress code at work?
Answering these questions will help you decide how many rings you need and how big they should be. The dramatic designs is best reserved for a night out, but choose simple, smaller pieces during the day.

This custom pinky ring for a stylish look. Message ring to make a wonderful gift for him.

The ring is perfect for a man who prefers simple-yet-powerful expressions of love. Fashioned in high quality sterling silver, the signet ring looks great as it is, or can be both sides custom engraved. Send him your love message, for him only, inside the ring engraved.
Beautiful boyfriend gift for birthday!

3. Match metals to skin color
Style influencers suggest going for a metal color and working around that color. To get to the heart of the look, make sure the rings match your necklace or bracelets. Don't mix silver and gold, if you are not sure how to do it right. Though remember, rules are sometimes there to be broken.
Wearing a ring in two metals (silver and gold colored) allows you to combine lighter the ring with a bracelet color or watch color.

Matching metals to your skin tone is another way to ensure that your jewelry doesn't interfere with your final look and looks as perfect as possible.
How to determine the skin tone?
Look at the veins on the inside of your wrist.
What color are they? If they look blue, your skin tone is cool. If they look green, your skin tone is warmer.
If you have a cool skin tone, choose: rings made of silver, silver-colored steel, platinum, and titanium.
For warm skin tone: rings made of gold, gold-colored steel, rose gold and brass.
Are you looking for men's rings with a gemstone? Check out red, blue, purple, and green for cooler skin tones. And orange, brown, yellow or turquoise for warmer skin tones.

Give him the measuring tape ring as a symbol that everything in life has its value measure. Fine sterling silver ring for men, inside custom engraved.

The ruler ring represents a handsome sophistication of sterling silver. The band ring features a cool engraving and can be also engraved with a secret message inside. The ring is adjustable. Be sure, it will fit well.

Personalized ring for him, he will surely love the minimalist style ring made specially for him. Awesome men's birthday gift.

This is an adjustable band ring crafted of fine gold filled. The adjustable ring can be one or two sides engraved with initials, names, words or dates you wish. Add a meaningful engraving and the perfect gift is ready!

4. Keep it simple (or not)
If you're just starting out with men's rings, remember that less is more. Unless you're sure you have the confidence (and the level of comfort) to rock a handful of men's bling. Start with 1 or 2 pieces and build on that. If wearing more than 1 ring, choose pieces that are similar in style or color.
The signet ring is a great starter ring. You wear it on your ring finger. Wear the signet ring on your other hand when wearing a wedding ring.
Focus on balance
It all depends on the visual weight. Do you wear your wedding ring and your watch on one hand? Then put 2 rings on the other hand. The idea is that both hands / wrists look differently adorned.
If you only want 1 extra ring (next to your wedding ring), try what looks better, alone on the other hand or next to the wedding ring. The mirror will be your best friend here. Your best friend could become your mirror too - don't be afraid to ask for help.

Consider the stylish biker ring, sterling silver signet ring for men. Meaningful ring for him!

The big ring is crafted of sterling silver. The design features a skull. The skull is often used in biker culture as long as there have been bikers. It is often used as a symbol of nonconformity, free-thinking, and rebelliousness. Perfect men's ring, regardless of wear and accessories style. Its adjustable size is one more advantage to choose it!

The ring you choose will say something about you. Expressing your story means taking that first step. Use our tips as a guideline. If you still want to mix metals, forget about visual weight and completely disregard skin tone ... you can do that.
It is your story. And you can rock anything with confidence.

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