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10 Gifts for Expecting and New Mom She'll absolutely Love

August 05, 2021

10 Gifts for Expecting and New Mom She'll absolutely Love

Are you or is your friend waiting for the wonder, for baby? 

So this time has come: your best friend, sister or (so fast grown up) daughter is pregnant. The expecting mom is thinking about how her baby is going to change the life, and so this is a time of wonders. Make this time even more joyful with the gifts you choose for her. Gifts for pregnant women may not be joyful only, they can also help. Make life for the mommy-to-be easier, more manageable. This is not about baby items only! This is everything that can help first time mom to enjoy carrying a new life inside of her and then outside of her!
Here you can find some thoughtful ideas for pregnancy gifts - new mom presents.

Maternity Clothes
A pregnant woman doesn't want to feel like a whale. Actually this is a period when a woman is especially beautiful. Some practical but not beautiful maternity clothes will be put on a few times only. Choose maternity clothes that rock! Stylish maternity clothes as a gift becomes a blessing! When choosing a gift, you don't have to focus on the baby every time! Choose gifts for expecting moms as well that are just for her! Choose some adorable, fashion outfits to match her style, and help her feel like a goddess.

Such a moment - being mom for the first time must be treasured. Give her a piece that will capture the moment forever and help her remember of that time she has become new mom. Give her a personalized jewelry piece. Choose a charm necklace with a pendant engraved. You may personalize the charm with initials of the baby, or all the family - mom dad baby - names.

Personalized Necklace for New Mom

New mom Gift


Or choose her a bracelet with the baby birthday date engraved. You may order a custom cuff: personalize it with names outside and with a secret message, a wish, something personal - with inside engraving.

Custom Engraved Bracelet 


Maternity or Newborn Photo Session
These are moments to remember, moments that come once in life. Gift your pregnant friend services of a maternity photo session, newborn photo shooting, or family pictures for after the baby is born. You may also make some photos by yourself, if you have some skills, and make an album with the moments adding some thoughtful quotes or wishes.
It's always possible to grab a gift certificate from your favorite photographer.

Photography Class
So now she has her new baby and the desire to capture every single moment. It is quite easy in today’s digital world. But it's better to take some good photos instead of thousands "clicks"! Help her learning by signing her up for a photography class! You may say, she doesn't have time for them. Then there are also great online courses she can take.

Choose a pregnancy journal for expecting mom! It's a great way to remember every little thing she experiences during pregnancy and the first year of the baby's life. This is the time when each moment is unique!

Books & Movies
Choose the best movies for women and books for moms. This collection would be perfect for those insomnia pregnancy nights or long days and nights with a new baby.

A massage while pregnancy is amazing. It can be from a head massage, or hand massage to acupuncture session too. A Couple’s Massage course is great to learn how to give your own fantastic massages.

Manicure & Hair
Treat your pregnant friend to a manicure, hair cut, or makeover. All pregnant women want to feel as beautiful as they can. Gift a certificate to the best local spa, and be sure, such a gift will be treasured!

Basic Baby Clothing
Everyone loves buying baby clothing. But sometimes the baby gets so many outfits that he or she never wears. So when choosing that next pretty dress, first make sure, your friend's baby really needs it. One more beautiful thing in the wardrobe that cannot be worn cause the baby is growing too fast isn't the best idea. If you don't want to ask your friend, your best bets are basic onesies, socks, sleepers, mittens and so on.

Be honest with your friend and let her be honest with you
If you are a close friend and really want to make a gift not just to surprise but to make it useful, just ask your friend for a list of desired presents. Having the necessities in stock during first month of being new mom will relieve stress for the whole family. There is nothing wrong with wanting to give and receive both lovely and useful gifts for new moms.

And if you can't choose between making a practical or sweet and unforgettable gift, make both!

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